Ægelsthrep or Ægelsþrep (“Ford-village”) is the Old English name of the location where Hengist fought the Britons in the year 455 according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. It is usually thought to be the same as modern Aylesford in Kent.

It is sometimes modernized in spelling to Aegelsthrep.

The Historia Brittonum places this battle at Episford, epis- being a British word meaning ‘horse’, but claims that the proper British name for the place was syddin y ceubail (‘house of the ferry-boat’).

Various late texts contain corruptions like Ailes­tory, Æil­les­trau, and Aille­pord.

These various forms of the name allow those who wish to make identifications other than the common one, and even to distinguish the battles one from another.

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