A demanda do Santo Graal (Portugese) (‘The quest of the Holy Grail [Portuguese]’) is a late 13th century or early 14th century work. It and a Spanish work A demanda do Santo Graal (Spanish) were both adapted from a western Ibero-Romance language version, probably Galicean-Portuguese), of the Old French Post-Vulgate Quest of the Holy Grail.

The Portuguese Demanda has survived only in a 15th century Portuguese manuscript (Vienna, Nationalbibliothek 2594). This Portuguese version is believed to be closer to the original Old French Post-Vulgate Quest than the two surviving Spanish versions.

It has been fully edited by Augusto Magne in his edition. It is used where no French text survives to fill out the text in Fanni Bogdanow’s La version Post-Vulgate de la Queste del Saint Graalet de La mort Artu. Martha Asher's English rendering of the Post-Vulgate Quest and the Post-Vulgate Death of Arthur in Norris J. Lacy’s Lancelot-Graal is a translation of Magne’s edition of the Portuguese Demanda.


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