A demanda do Santo Graal (Spanish) (‘The quest of the Holy Grail [Spanish]’) is a late 13th century or early 14th century work known through two early 16th century Castillian printed editions (Toledo, 1515; Seville 1535). This work and a Portuguese work A demanda do Santo Graal (Portuguese) were both adapted from a western Ibero-Romance language version, probably Galicean-Portuguese), of the Old French Post-Vulgate Quest of the Holy Grail.

The Portuguese version is believed to be closer to the original Old French Post-Vulgate Quest than the two surviving Spanish versions.


  • Piel, Joseph-Maria (Ed.) (1988). A Demanda do Santo Graal. Lisbon: Imprensa Nacional.
    • 2nd ed. (2005).

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