Accolon portrayed by Ian Duncun in Mists of Avalon

was a knight from Gaul. In Malory's Le Morte d’Arthur, when King Arthur entrusted Excalibur into Morgan le Fay's care, she had a duplicate made; the real scabbard was then passed from her to her lover Accalon.

Morgan then tricked Arthur and Accalon into fighting each other, Accalon using the real Excalibur while Arthur used the duplicate. During the battle Arthur's sword broke; he quickly realized this was not the real Excalibur and that he had been betrayed. Rather than giving up, Arthur continued to fight with what was left of his shield. Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, arrived and used her magic to cause Excalibur to fly from Accalon's hand. Arthur then wrestled the scabbard back and dealt Accalon a mortal wound. Four days after receiving the battle-wound from Arthur, Accalon received Arthur's forgiveness and died.

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