Aegidius (died 464 or 465) magister militum in Gaul under Aëtius around 450. Aegidius rebelled against the Western Emperor Ricimer. This would be in 461 or 462. Aegidius retained his powers in the north of Gaul in a region known as the Domain of Soissons, extending from Armorica in the west to the Vosges in the east, and from the Somme River in the north to the Loire River in the south.

According to Gregory of Tours, King Childeric of the Salian Franks was so great a womanizer and committed so many acts of violence, that the Franks drove him into exile. Childeric fled to Thuringia and found refuge with King Basinus and his wife Basina. The Franks took Aegidius as their king. But after eight years the Franks changed their mind and Childeric was welcomed back to the kingship. Then Basina forsook her husband and fled to Childeric. Childeric took her to wife and sired on her Clovis.

British immigrants flocked to Aegidius’ country, where he settled them on the north of the Loire in the “Armorican Tract”. The British included a fighting force of 12,000 men.

Aegidius died in plague according to Gregory of Tours, in 464 or 465. His son, Syagrius, succeeded him in the Domain of Soissons.

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