The Annales Cambriae or the Annals of Wales is an annal based on Irish material, which provides two entries mentioning Arthur.

In origin, the Annales Cambriae appear to be an Irish Chronicle based on Isidore of Seville’s Origines transmitted through Bede's Chronica minora. The source of the two Arthurian entries and the source of the entry on the Battle of Ardderyd are unknown, so they may not be trustworthy. They might be taken from entirely historical information available to the person who put them in, or may be just guesses as to when events told of in popular stories occurred.

The annals contain a line for each year, most of the years being empty. In some cases, where we know when events occurred, there are too many years or too few years between the events.

The “A” Version Edit

Following is the material in the A version of the Annales Cambriae for the 5th and 6th century:

(a9) an’ [453] Pasca com
mvtatur super di-
em dominicum cum
papa leone . episcopo
rome .
Easter altered on the Lord's Day by Pope Leo, Bishop of Rome.
(a10) an’ x [454] Brigida sancta
nascitur .
Saint Brigid is born..
(a13) an’ [457] Sanctus Patricius
ad dominum migra-
tur .
Saint Patrick goes to the Lord.
(a24) an’ [468] quies benigni
episcopi .
The death of Bishop Benignus.
(a56) an’ [501] Episcopus ebur pau-
sat inchristo an
no . cccl . etatis
Bishop Ebur rests in Christ, he was 350 years old.
(a72) an’ [516] Bellum badonis inquo
arthur portauit crucem
domini nostri ihu xp’i . tribus
diebus & tribus noctibus
inhumeros suos &
brittones uictores fuerunt .
The Battle of Badon, in which Arthur carried the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ for three days and three nights on his shoulders and the Britons were victors.
(a77) an’ [521] Sanctus columcille nascitur.
Qui es sanctae brigidae .
St. Columba is born.
The death of St. Brigid.
(a93) an’ [537] Gueith cam lann inqua
arthur et medraut
corruerunt . et mortalitas
et in hiber
nia fuit.
The Battle of Camlann, in which Arthur and Medraut fell: and there was plague in Britain and in Ireland.
(a100) an’. c . [544] dormitatio
The sleep [death] of Ciaran.
(a103) an’. [547] Mor-
rex gene
dotae .
The great death in which Maelgwn, King of Gwynedd died.
(a114) an’. [558] Gabr-
an . filius
dungart :
moritur .
Gabrán son of Dungart died.
(a118) an’ [562] Colum-
cillae inbrit-
tannia ex-
Columba went to Britain.
(a126) an’. [570] Gildas
Gildas died.
(a129) an’ [573] Bellum
The Battle of Arfderydd.
(a130) an’ cxxx . [574] Brendan
byror dor
The sleep [death] of Brendan of Birr.
(a136) an’ [580] Guur-
ci et peretur
Gwrgi and Peredur died.
(a140) an’. cxl . [584] Bellum con-
tra eubo-
niam et dis-
positio da-
nielis ban-
Battle against the Isle of Man and the burial of Daniel of the Bangors.
(a145) an’. [589] Conversio con
stantini ad
The conversion of Constantine to the Lord.
(a151) an’ [595] Columcille mo
ritur. Dunaut
rex moritur.
Agustinus mellitus
anglos ad christum
Columba died. King Dunod died.
Augustine and Mellitus converted the English to Christ.


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