Arthur's Knights was a six part 1995 BBC4 radio play by Kevin Crossley-Holland. The series takes the stories from Mallory's Mort d'Arthur and brings them to life, dramatising Mallory's remembering of how he first heard the stories, whilst he awaits his fate in prison. Sir Thomas Mallory is played by Richard Griffiths, the producer / director is Nigel Bryant. "This ambitious new venture, a series of six hour-long programmes Arthur's Knight, was written by the well-established poet and broadcaster Kevin Crossley-Holland... It triumphantly compels belief. On account of its originality of conception, high seriousness of theme, depth of perception, assured organisation and the rightness of its language, Crossley-Holland\'s play is the finest of all Arthurian radio dramas... It might also be quite reasonably argued that Crossley-Holland's Arthur's Knight is the finest twentieth-century Arthurian play in any dramatic genre." 

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