Arthur- The King was a 1990 radio series in seven parts written by Graeme Fife. In his book, Radio Camelot: Arthurian Legends and the BBC, Roger Simpson ranks it as "among the greatest of all Arthurian Radio Plays...When violent thunderbolts rip through the skies, and dragons belch fire, we believe in the magic and enchantment that the play continually demands." He praises the score by Steve Faux which "combines traditional instruments with singers and electronics to create sounds that are hauntingly beautiful in themselves and yet always remain wonderfully apt across the whole range of scenes and emotions."

Each episode was organized around a single character:

  • Paul Scofield played Merlin
  • Rupert Frazer played Tristam
  • Crawford Logan played Gareth
  • Nicolas Farrell played Lancelot
  • Henry Young played Galahad
  • Jill Balcom played Guenever
  • Keith Baxter played Arthur

Music by Steven Faux

Produced by John Powell.

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