Sir Balan,  brother of Sir Balin, is a minor character mentioned in various Arthurian legends. His story is retold, along with his brother's, in The Ballad of Balin and Balan, Book II in Thomas Malory's Le Morté d' Arthur and by Alfred, Lord Tennyson in Idylls of the King

Both having fallen out of favor with King Arthur, Balan, joined his brother and decided to attack King Rience. The Brothers succeeded in ambushing Rience en route to sleep with the Lady de Vance and brought the king before Arthur. Rience's capture resulted in the forming of an alliance of twelve rebel kings, including King Rience's brother, King Nero. The kings, most notably Nero and Lot, were captured or killed by Arthur with the help of Balin and Balan. Afterwards, Balan comes across a cursed knight, guarding an island castle, who challenges all knights who approach. Balan slays the cursed knight at the gate, whereby falling under the same curse that holds him to protect the castle from any passersby. Sir Balin eventually comes across the castle, and is told that he must joust with the guarding knight in order to continue his passage. Neither brother, however, recognizes that his opponent is his brother: Balan being in disguising red armor with an unrecognizable shield; Balin having been persuaded just before the battle to swap his own shield. The brothers end up fighting to the death. They were buried together on the island by Merlin

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