Blaise writes down the tales of Merlin

Blaise is a character who appears in Arthurian legend, usually as a chronicler, and sometimes as a teacher to young Merlin.  Blaise appears first in Robert de Boron's “History of Merlin”. This work was later continued by three different continuators. These continuations, like the original, are purportedly based on a history written by Blaise.

Blaise only appears prominently in the sections of Robert de Boron’s “Merlin” concerned with Merlin’s begetting and his feats in infancy and when growing up. From that point on, all we have is short visits by Merlin to Blaise and a few short conversations in which Merlin relates his recent doings to Blaise so they can be included in Blaise’s books. The “Didot Mort Artu” ends with Blaise being placed among the Grail kindred.

Since Blaise was supposedly the writer of a book concerning Uther and Arthur, it has been suggested that in origin Blaise derives from the medieval Arthurian story-teller Bleheris or Blihis.

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