The Bonedd Gwŷr y Gogledd (‘Descent of the Men of the North’) is a document which first appears in Peniarth MS. 45 of the 13th century. It was probably first drawn up in the 12th century and data from it, or at least congruent with it, appears in many later texts.

Chart 1: Descendants of Coel HenEdit

 Chart 1: Descendants of Coel Hen:
          │                                          │
       ♂Gorust                                     ♂Mor
        Letlwm                                       │        
          │                                          │
     ♂Meirchawn                                  ♂Arthwys
          │                                          │   
     ┌────┴───┐           ┌────────────────┬─────────┴─────────┬─────────────────────┐
♂Kynuarch  ♂Elidir   ♂Kynuelyn          ♂Pabo              ♂Eliffer              ♂Keidyaw
    │      Lydanwyn      │           Post Prydein              │                     │
    │         │          │         ┌───────┼───────┐       ┌───┴───┐         ┌───────┼──────┐
 ♂VryenLlywarch  ♂Kynnwyt  ♂Dunawt ♂Kerwyd  ♂Sawyl  ♂Gwrgi ♂Peredur ♂Gwendoleu ♂Nud   ♂Cof
             Hen    Kynnwydyon                 Pen Uchel
 ♂Clydno   ♂Kynan    ♂Kynuelyn  ♂Kynvawr    ♂Katrawt
  Eidno    Genhir     Drwsgyl   Kadgaddvc  Calchuynyd

Chart 2: Descendants of Dyfynwal and TutuwlchEdit

 Chart 2: Descendants of Coel Hen and Tutuwlch:
                                │                                       13
                            ♂Dyfynwal                                     ♂Amlawt
                               Hen                                         Wledic
         ┌──────────────┬───────┴──────┬─────────────┐                       │
      ♂Kedic       ♂Garmonyawn      ♂Gauran       ♂Gorust     ♂Tutuwlch = ♀Dywanw
         │              │              │          Priodawr      Corneu  │
    ┌────┴────┐         │              │             │                  │
 ♂Tutwal   ♂Seruan  ♂Cawrdaf        ♂Aedan        ♂Elidyr            ♂Huallu
  Tutclyt     │         │           Uardawc       Mwynuawr
    │         │         │
♂Ryderch   ♂Mordaf   ♂Gwydno      Gauran is here placed as father
  Hael                  │         of Aedan rather than his son following
                        │         all other sources.


Welsh TextEdit

  • Bartrum, P. C. (Ed.) {1966). Bonedd Gwŷr y gogledd. In Early Welsh genealogical tracts (pp. 70–74).
  • Bromwich (Ed.) (2006) Appendix II: Pen. 45, 291–2: Bonhed gwyr y gogled yw hin. In Trioedd ynys Prydein: The triads of the island of Brtain (pp. 266–9).
  • Wade-Evans, A. W. (Ed., Trans.) (1930). Bonedd gwyr y gogled. In Archaeologia Cambrensis, 85 (pp. 339–40)

Welsh Text and English TranslationEdit


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