The Bonedd y Saint (Descent of the Saints) is a list of British saints, each saint or group of saints being being given with his or her ancestry.

Different VersionsEdit

The first version is believed to have been created during the 12th century, but the earliest version is from the third quarter of the 13th century. There are three manuscripts of this first version. The letters assigned are those in P. C. Bartrum (1966):

A. Peniarth MS. 16, fos. 53v—54v, ‘Bonhed y Seint’ (third quarter of the 13th century)
B. Peniarth MS. 45, pp 296–91, ‘Bonhed Seint Kymry’ (late 13th century)
Dd. Hafod MS. 2, fos. 209v–212r, ‘Bonhyd Seynt’ (second half of 14th century). Sometimes called the ‘Llannerch MS.’
This version contains 63 sections. Sections 64–71 first appear in:

E. Lanstephen MS. 28, pp. 69–75, by Gutun Owain (c. 1475).
Sections 72–76 first appear in:

G. Peniarth MS. 127, pp. 43–49, by Thomas ap Ieuan ap Deicws (c. 1510).
A few new items appear in the main body of the text in G as well as:

C. Peniarth MS. 12, fo. 25r–v, ‘Boned y Seint’. These pages really belong to Peniarth MS 4 (The White Book of Rhydderch) (c. 1320) and were restored to it in 1940.
D. Hafod MS. 16, pp. 110–12, (No title) (c. 1400).
—–— Peniarth MS. 50, ‘Y Gwtta Cyfarwydd’ (1415–56), p. 86 containing a selection of items from the above.
F. Peniarth MS. 27, part 2, pp. 67–70 (last quarter of the 15th century).
There are numerous later manuscripts which contain the additional items 77–99.

See Bartrum (1966, pp. 51–54 for a complete listing.


Full EditionEdit

  • Bartrum, P. C. (Ed.) (1966). Bonedd y saint. Early Welsh Genealogical Tracts (pp. 51–67).


A. Peniarth MS. 206, fos. 53v–54vEdit

B. Peniarth MS. 45, pp. 286–91Edit

Dd. Hafod MS. 2, fos. 209v–212rEdit

  • Wade-Evans, A. W. (Ed.) (1944). Bonheyd Seynt. In Vitae sanctorum Britanniae et genealogiae (pp. 320–3).

E. Llanstephan MS. 28, pp. 69–75Edit

G. Peniarth MS. 127, pp. 43–49Edit

C. Peniarth MS. 12, fo. 25r–vEdit

  • Phillimore, Egerton (Ed.) (1886). A fragmemt from Hengwrt MS. no. 202. [VII.] Boned y seint. In Cy. VII (pp. 133–34)

D. Hafod MS. 16, pp. 110–12Edit

F. Peniarth MS. 27, part 2, pp. 67–70Edit

Caerdydd 3.242 page 110Edit

22. Harleian MS. 4181Edit

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