Cahu is a god attributed to Muslims in Christian poems.

No-one has shown any way that Cahu, or the other commonly attributed gods Tervagant and Apolin, are in any way derived from authentic Muslim belief. They appear to be Christian slanders. Perhaps Cahu and the others originally came from Muslims being classed as pagans, being non-Christian, and it being known that the Classical pagans and Germanic pagans, and Irish pagans worshiped multiple gods. In story Vikings are much confused with later Muslim raiders.

Cahu in the Vulgate CycleEdit

See Apolin#Apolin in the Vulgate Cycle.

Cahu in the Histoire de GrimaudEdit

The Histoire de Grimaud retells the story of Josephes meeting Matagran and Argon, but in this version the god Apolin is replaced by Cahu.

The giant Tharus calls on Tervagant, Cahu, and Jupiter in his battle with Grimal.

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