Caradoc is the father of King Angusel of Scotland by the fourth daughter of Ygerne, as related by Merlin to King Arthur in the Vulgate Merlin. Karadan is presumably dead at the time of the story. Karadan is only mentioned in this one place, and in the corresponding place in translations and adaptations, where the name is somewhat changed.

Differing NamesEdit

In his edition of the Vulgate Merlin, H. Oskar Sommer indicates that Harl. MS has Carados. Accordingly Rupert T. Pickens translates Caradoc in his translation of the Vulgate Merlin in Volume 1 of Norris J. Lacy’s Lancelot-Grail.

In MS.337, the Livre d’Artus manuscript, the name is Briadanz.

The Middle English translation of the Vulgate Merlin reads Briadas. The English Arthour and Merlin reads Bryadens.

Varying TraditionsEdit

According to the Pseudo-Historical texts, beginning with Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae, King Loth, King Urien, and King Angusel were brothers. In the Welsh Bruts their father is named Cynfarch. Leland in his Collectanea says that the father of the three brothers was named Kahu.

In the Prose Lancelot, Angusel is a relative (“cousin”) of Arthur and Gawain. Only in the Vulgate Merlin is Angusel explicitly Arthur’s nephew. Other romances give no kinship information.

Some Name VariationsEdit

FRENCH: Karadan, Carados, Briadenz; ENGLISH: Briadas, Bryadens.