The Death of Arthur charts relate events in the medieval French romance known as the Mort Artu and in other romances based on it which vary the relation of events.

The order of telling follows the Mort Artu account. The different accounts place the death of Guenevere differently and each of the accounts has been included despite the contradiction that results.

The details of the summaries for each table row refer to the accounts given in the Morte Artu and in the Post-Vulgate Mort Artu. Material in the later columns sometimes only more-or-less corresponds.


  B Fanni Bogdanow, (Ed.) La version Post-Vulgate de la quest del Saint Graal et de la mort Artu
  F Jean Frappier (Ed.), Mort Le Roi Artu
  L E. Löseth, Le Roman en prose de Tristan
  Mal. Thomas Malory, Le Morte d’Arthur
  PV Post-Vulgate Cycle
  S H. Oskar Sommer, The Vulgate version of the Arthurian romances
  SMA Stanzaic Morte Arthur
  TaR Tavola Ritonda
  TrP Tristano panciatichiano
  VMA Vulgate Mort Artu

Introducton to the Mort ArtuEdit

Introducton to the Mort Artu
Introduction F 1
S VI.203₁₋₆
Bohort returns to Logres and learns how things are from a knight. 571a
571 a
B 624b–26aα
Bohort is wounded by knights of Bademgu. 572
Bohort meets Dinadan who is determined to avenge Tristan. 573–74
Bohort returns to court and relates the end of the Grail quest. F 2a
S VI.203₇₋₁₈
575aα B 626aβ 178 XVIII.1aα
Arthur recalls how Tristan saved him from rebel kings. 575aβb
Many Round Table Knights are dead, including twenty-two killed by Gawain. F 2b–3a
S VI.203₁₈–04₂₇
571b 179a
Two variant accounts of war with King Mark. 576–608 CXXXIV–CXXXVII
Death of Dinadan. 609–13
Tournament of the Merry Castle. 614–19aα
War between Ireland and North Wales. CXXXVIII
Arthur plans a tournament at Winchester F 3bβ
S 204₂₇–05₂
179bα 17–42 XVIII.6bα
Lancelot and Guenevere have renewed their love affair. F 4–5aα
S 205₂₋₂₀
179bβ XVIII.1aβ
Response of Lancelot’s kindred to that and other matters. B 626b

Adventures of Lancelot and GuenevereEdit

Adventures of Lancelot and Guenevere
  VMA TrP SMA Mal.
Lancelot appears to be in love with the maiden of Escalot and Guenevere is enraged. F 5aβ–47
S 205₃₃–34₃₃
179bβ–211 43–1671 XVIII.1aβ–8a, 8bα–24
Morgain again reveals the affair of Lancelot and Guenevere to Arthur. (Only in the Mort Artu). F 48–54
S 234₃₃–42₃
Mador’s quarrel with Guenevere and the death of the maiden of Escalot. F 55–85a
S 242₃–69₁₅
Story of the Knight of the Cart (Placed years before in other tellings.) XVIII.25–XIX.9
Healing of Sir Urré. XIX.10–13

Destruction of the Love AffairEdit

Destruction of the Love Affair
The plot to entrap Lancelot and Guenevere. F 85b–89aα
S 269₁₂–74₆
B 627–32 CXXXIX–CXL 1672–1799 XX.1–2
The lovers are caught together. Lancelot escapes. F 89aβ–91
S 274₆–77₁₅
B 633–34 1600–1919 XX.3–6
Guenevere is judged to be burnt at the stake. F 92–93
S 277₁₂–80₂₀
B 635–38aα 1920–41 XX.7–8a
Lancelot rescues Guenevere and installs her in Joyous Gard. Gaheriet is slain. F 94–97
S 280₂₁–84₃
B 638aβ–39 CXLbβ 1942–1965, 2014–45 XX.8b
Mourning by Arthur and Gawain. F 98–103
S 284₃–290₁₂
B 640–45 CXLIbα 1966–2013 XX.9–10a
War between Arthur and Lancelot. F 104–16
S 290₁₃–307₅
B 646–56a CXLIb 2046–2245 XX.10b–13bα
Guenevere is returned. Lancelot and his men go to Gaul. F 117–27
S 307₅–16₂₈
B 656b–57a CXLIbβ 2246–2499 XX.13bαβ–18

Arthur’s Last DeedsEdit

Arthur’s Last Deeds
Arthur makes Mordred his regent in Britain and wars against Lancelot in Gaul. F 128–33
S 274₂₉–321₁₀
B 657b CXLIIbα 2500–2769 XX.19–20a
Mordred rebels and tries to make Guenevere his wife. F 134–43
S 321₁₁–28₁₇
B 661aβb CXLIIIa 2954–3033 XXI.1a
Lancelot defeats Gawain in a duel. F 144–59
S 328₁₈–45₂₃
B 658–59 CXLIIb,CXLIIIb 2770–857 XX.20b–21
Gawain is seriously wounded in an attack by the Romans, killed by Turinor of Carthage, or wounded in a second duel with Lancelot. F 160–62
S 345₂₃–48₂₄
B 660 CXLIVabα 2858–937 XX.22
Arthur learns of Mordred’s rebellion and returns to Britain. Death of Gawain. F 163–75
S 148₂₅–59₂
B 661–64a 2938–53, 3034–167 XXI.1b–2
Of Arthur’s dreams and his coming to Salisbury Plain. F 176–78aα
S 360–63₁₄
3168–231 XXI.3abα
The Battle of Salisbury. F 178bβ–91a
S 363₁₄–78₅
B 664b–67 CXLIVbβ 3232–404 XXI.3bβ–4bα
Arthur orders a tower to be built. B 668–70
Death of Lucan. F 191b–92aα
S 378₆–79₁₁
B 671–72 3405–45 XXI.4bβ–5aα
Bliobleheris kills Arthur the Little. B 673–76
Arthur’s last knight casts away Caliburn and departs from Arthur. F 192aβ–95aα
S 379₁₁–82₂₇
B 677–83 3446–565 XXI.5aβ–7a

Last Deeds and death of LancelotEdit

Last Deeds and death of Lancelot
The two sons of Mordred attempt to take the kingdom. F 195aβbα
S 382₂₉–83₁
B 684a CXLVabα
Guenevere takes the veil. F 195bβ
S 383₁₋₄
B 684b 3566–73 XXI.7b
Lancelot and his men come to Britain and hear that Guenevere is dead. F 196–97aα
S 383₅–84₂₀
B 685–86 3574–97 XXI.8abα
One account of the death of Guenevere. F 196–97aα
S 384₂₀₋₂₂
B 687–89
Of the slaying of Mordred’s sons and the death of Lionel and departure of Lancelot. F 197aβ–99
S 384₂₂–86₂₅
B 690–693a 3598–617, 3794–801 XXI.8bβ–9aα, 10aβ
A final meeting of Lancelot and Guenevere in Palatinus Latinus 1967. F Appendice 3618–745 XXI.9aβ–10aα
Lancelot becomes a hermit. F 200
S 386₂₆–87₂₃
B 693b 3746–93 XXI.10aα
Bohort returns to Gaul but Hector finds Lancelot and stays with him until his death. F 201
S 387₂₄–88₃₁
B 694–96 3794–833 XXI.10aβbα
Another account of the Death of Guenevere XXI.10bβ–11
Death of Lancelot. F 201–02
S 388₃₁–90₂
B 697–98aα 3834–905 XXI.12abα
Bohort joins with Bliobleheris. F 203–04a
S 390₃–91₂
B 698aβ–99 3906–53 XXI.12abβ–13a

Last Deeds of Lancelot’s companionsEdit

Last Deeds of Lancelot’s companions
Meraugis of Port Lesguez joins Bohort and Bliobleheris. B 700
Yet another account of the death of Guenevere. 3954–69
King Mark of Cornwall invades Britain, destroys Camelot, and plans to kill the former Archbishop, Bohort, Bliobleheris, and Meraugis. B 701–02
Two versions of the death of King Mark. B 703–14
B [ 703–11a]
Two versions of the deaths of Lancelot’s companions. B 715–18 XXI.13bα
Epilogues. F 204b
S 391₃₋₇
B [ 711b] CXIVbβ Epilogue XXI.13bβ

Previous Charts for Arthurian Events in the Prose Cyclic RomancesEdit

Charts for previous details of events in the reign of Arthur as told in the prose, cyclic romances appear in:

Prose Tristan (charts)
Post-Vulgate (charts)
Quest of the Holy Grail (charts)

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