Sir Dinadan is a Knight of the Round Table, the son of Sir Brunor the Elder and the brother Daniel and of two different knights named "Brunor the Black:" The Good Knight Without Fear and The Knight of the Ill-Fitting Coat (La Cote Mal Taillée). He is a close associate of Tristan and Lancelot. Dinadan first appears in the Post-Vulgate Quest del Saint Graal as one of the knights who set out on the Grail Quest. His character is developed more extensively in the Prose Tristan and works which derive from it, such as Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur.

Dinadan is known primarily for his sense of humor and for his pragmatic skepticism towards the excesses of chivalric adventure. At the same time, he acts as a yardstick of virtue, for it is said that he is the friend of all good knights and shuns all unworthy ones. He is often the source and target of practical jokes.

He is killed treacherously during the Grail Quest by Mordred and Agravain and buried by Palamedes at Camelot.

Appears inEdit


Quest del Saint Graal, Palamedes, Prose Tristan, Girart, La Tavola Ritonda, Le Morte Darthur.

Also Known AsEdit

Dinadam, Dinadano, Dinadeirs, Divdan, Dynadan