Drudwas or Drutwas is the son of Tryffin or Treffin, and one of the Twenty-four Knigts of Arthur’s Court in Welsh tradition.

Almost nothing about him is now known. The stem drud- means ‘bold, reckless’.

Mentions of DrudwasEdit

Drudwas is named in the long list of men in Culhwch and Olwen and Drudwas’ sister Erdudfyl is listed among the “maidens of this island” at the end of the same list. Triad 46, in some versions, references a horse belonging to Drudwas, but the name of the horse has dropped out.

Death of DrudwasEdit

Mostyn MS 146 (early 17th century), relates the story of Drudwas’ death. For reasons unstated, Arthur and Drudwas were to fight a duel. Drudwas had three griffins (Adar llwch gwin) given him by his wife. These griffins did whatever Drudwas said. Drudwas ordered the griffins to go to the field and kill whoever came there first. But Arthur was delayed by his mistress who was Drudwas’ sister (presumably Erdudfyl), attempting to prevent her lover and brother from fighting. Accordingly, when Drudwas arrived on the field late, thinking the his griffins had already slain Arthur, the griffin seized Drudwas, because Drudwas was first on the field, and carried him off into the sky, ripping and tearing him. Then, when the griffins realized, in the sky, that the man they had slain was their master, Drudwas, the griffins descended to earth crying in sorrow and horror.

A song was made about the grifins in memory of the event, and Llywarch the Old also wrote about it in an englyn of his own.

See Bromwich (2006, pp. 330–31).

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