Ebissa (sometimes named Ebusa) appears in early texts as the son of Hengist and brother of Oisc but in some later texts as Hengist’s nephew on Oisc’s uncle or as Oisc’s brother-in-law.

In the Historia Brittonum and in the Historia Regum BrittaniaeEdit

In these two works Ebissa mentioned when, after his marriage to Renwein, Vortigern accepta Hengist’s advice to allow Hengist invite more of his fellow countrymen over to Britain, in partcuar Hengist’s sons Oisc and Ebissa.

At least some of the texts of the Welsh Bruts here render Ebissa by the form Ossa and make him out to be Oisc’s uncle. One may presume Ossa’s father is here the brother of Hengist’s wife rather than another brother of Hengist, otherwise the description would be more awkward.

In Wace’s Roman de BrutEdit

Ebissa becomes Oisc’s kinsman (cousin). He is mentioned in the matter of Osic’s flight from Caer Conan to York, but whereas in Geoffrey's account, Oisc’s kinsman Eosa is here mentioned for the first time as already in York, in Wace’s account, Ebissa accompanies Oisc to York from the battlefield and is not mentioned afterwards. Eosa re-emerges from Geoffrey as Oisc’s constant companion during Oisc’s later rebellions and is also called Oisc’s kinsman (cousin). It is possible that Wace has identified Ebissa with Eosa.

In Lawman’s BrutEdit

Lawman has Ebissa come to Britain as Oisc’s “wed-brother”, that is, as his brother-in-law. As in Wace, Ebissa flees with Oisc to York. He is mentioned again where Wace brings in Eosa, but here Eosa appears as a third companion, called “Ossa the other”. All three die in the battle of St. Albans.

Some Name VariationsEdit

LATIN: Ebissa, Ebusa; FRENCH: Ebissa; ENGLISH: Ebissa, Ebyssa; WELSH: Ossa, Assaf;

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