Galeschin (or Galeshin) is a Knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend. He is a nephew of King Arthur, son of the king's half-sister Elaine and King Nentres of Garlot.

He appears as one of Gawain's rescuers in the story of the Dolorous Tower in the Vulgate Cycle. He and his cousin Ywain attempt to rescue Gawain from the wicked Sir Carados but are taken captive as well. The trio are eventually rescued by Lancelot. Galeschin is referred to as the Duke of Clarence. This is an anachronism as the duchy of Clarence was not created until 1362. Though mentioned in a few other Arthurian stories, Galeschin's role is ultimately minor.


Celtist Roger Sherman Loomis derives the name Galeschin from the name Galvariun, found on the Modena Archivolt. He theorizes that the name was altered to make it sound more like Galesche, the old French word for "Welsh". He derives the name Galvariun from the epithet Gwallt Euryn, found in Culhwch and Olwen, which he translates as "golden hair".

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