Gascony was historically a duchy extending from the river Garonne (and Toulouse), south to the Pyrenees, west to the Atlantic, and then north to Bordeaux and the river Gironde (excluding the counties of Bearn and the Pays Basque [Pyrenees Atlantiques Departement]). In 1052, Gascony became part of Aquitaine.

Gascony is usually only casually mentioned in Arthurian tales in expressions such as “horse of Gascony”.

Wace casually mentions Gascony as one of the territories conquered by Arthur in Gaul. Lawman once makes Guitard lord of Gascony instead of lord of Poitou. In the fifteenth century Welsh list of the Twenty-four Knights of Arthur’s Court King Bwrt (=Bohort) is King of Gascony, the author having incorrectly identified Gascony with Gaunes.

In the 13th century romance Claris and Laris, King Ladon is King of Gascony. Ladon is the ancient husband of the young Queen Lidaine with whom Claris falls in love. When King Ladon dies, King Savari of Spain abducts Lidaine, thinking to make her his wife and so gain the crown of Gascony. Claris kill Savari in a duel, gains Lidaine as his own wife, and becomes King of Gascony.

Some Name VariationsEdit

LATIN: Gasconia; FRENCH: Gascoingne, Gascoigne, Gascogne; ENGLISH: Gascoyne, Gascuinne, Gascunne, Gascunne, Gaskoyne, Garscoyne; WELSH: Gasgwin.

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