Gates of Camelot
 is a text-based MMORPG developed Amphis Music and Snakehead Games, based in Toronto and Hamilton ON respectively. It is in a a version of King Arthur's Albion, "in the nth century" - a land out of time, where many different interpretations of the legends are possible. Players take on the role of knight-bards, who joust and adventure to climb the ladders of power and influence in the land. They can build castles and create their own adventures. The game has an emphasis on bardic storytelling which is fairly unique in the genre. 

GoC was written by Ben Deschamps and Heather Dale, an award-winning Canadian independent musician who has recorded several albums of Arthurian-based music, and who is recognized in the Society for Creative Anachronism for her outstanding expertise in the Arthurian legends. The game engine was written by Snakehead Games, a Canadian game studio whose other games (Zombie Moon, Spy Battle, Star Pirates) have been very popular online. Gates of Camelot.

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