Sir Griflet /ˈɡrɪflᵻt/, also called Girflet, Jaufre, is a Knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend. He is called the son of Do or Don, and he is cousin to Sir Lucan and Sir Bedivere.

Griflet first appears as a squire and one of King Arthur's earliest allies. When he is knighted he becomes one of the first Knights of the Round Table. He is one of Arthur's chief advisors throughout his career, and according to the Lancelot-Grail Cycle, he was one of the Battle of Camlann's few survivors, and is the knight Arthur asked to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake. In Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, however, Griflet is one of the knights killed defending Guinevere's execution when the queen is rescued by Lancelot; Malory follows the Stanzaic Morte Arthure, making Bedivere the knight who casts Excalibur into the lake.

Griflet is the hero of his own romance, Jaufré, the only surviving Arthurian romance written in Provençal.