Guinevere Jones is a Canadian/Australian fantasy television series and a series of four novels. It revolves around the adventures of the title character as she uses magic to fight evil, while at the same time dealing with problems and difficulties of high school. The show debuted in Canada on May 4, 2002 on YTV and ten days later in Australia. It ran for twenty-six episodes over two seasons.


Gwen Jones is a high school student. She has fled to Melbourne, Australia with Karen, her Australian-born mother, to escape shadowy danger in Canada, Gwen's birthplace. At fourteen, Gwen is going through huge changes. For most of her life she has been on the run, moving from town to town with her mother, always in hiding - but from what, Karen would never say. When they left Canada for Australia, Gwen's mother becomes withdrawn, refuses to eat, and eventually is placed in hospital. Gwen winds up in foster care. Gwen is a devoted daughter and a devout believer in justice but she has the hot blood of Guinevere running through her veins, which gives her a wildness and unpredictability. She resents and resists the idea that she is re-living somebody else's life. Like any teenager, she thinks of herself as an original.

Television ShowEdit

Elizabeth Stewart created the television show. Both seasons aired in 2002.


There are a total of twenty-six episodes, with thirteen in each season. Each episode has a self-contained little plot, but there are also several story arcs stretching across multiple episodes. Indeed, most episodes start with both a teaser and a "Last Time on Guinevere Jones..." plot review. The last three episodes are direct continuations of each other and are like a miniature serial.

Season 1Edit

Season 1 Aired in May, June, and July 2002.

Episode Title Summary
1.1 Hard Rain Gwen and her mother move to Australia from Canada. When her mother is admitted to hospital Gwen is placed into foster care with Louise and Harve Rosen. At her new school, one of her classmates, Tasha Meyers, suspects their teacher of practicing witchcraft and stealing youth from the students. Tasha tries to get Gwen to help her in thwarting Ms Blatt, but Gwen isn't interested. Gwen also meets the magician Merlin and learns that she is the reincarnation of Guinevere. Merlin offers to teach her how to use her magic.
1.2 Psyched A demon is terrorizing the hospital ward where Karen is. Karen recovers from her illness but to Gwen's shock, she doesn't want to leave the hospital. Karen enlists Tasha's help to be repossessed by the demon.
1.3 That Old Black Magic The evil witch Morgana kidnaps Tasha in an effort to get Merlin's Stone from Gwen. The stone holds the key to immortality. Josh and Gwen try to save Tasha and Merlin gives Gwen a necklace that belonged to Guinevere to help her focus her power.
1.4 Ordinary Evil Katie is removed from Louise and Harve's care and Gwen is afraid that it is her temper that caused it. Gwen and Tasha try to undo the 'spell', making things worse than they were at the start.
1.5 Weird Sisters Reine realizes that she is in danger of losing her chances with Josh to Gwen. The school plans to put on a play of MacBeth. Katie learns that Gwen has magic and tries to impress her classmates with that fact. The school has a new teacher, Patrick O'Leary.
1.6 Dybbukkin Spencer is possessed by a Dybbuk, a demon who causes mischief and destruction. The demon is trying to find the perfect host for it's mate and chooses Reine. Reine discovers Gwen has magic.
1.7 First Date When O'Leary tries to break Gwen and Josh up, it only brings them closer together, leading him to confront Morgana. He convinces her to do things his way and he plans to earn Gwen's trust and then take Merlin's Stone from her.
1.8 Warwe and Mineer Spencer becomes trapped in an ancient rock painting. In order to save Spencer, Gwen must reunite the broken halves of the rock.
1.9 Love Hurts A new boy named Michael Medina comes to school. Tasha asks Gwen to help her get his attention, but Gwen finds herself attracted to him. Gwen also encounters the magical world of Faerie.
1.10 The Dryad A construction company wants to knock down all the trees in Merlin's glade. When Gwen learns that means death for Fern, the dryad in Merlin's tree, she enlists Tasha and Josh's help in stopping the construction company.
1.11 Solo Act Michael's father is pressuring him into doing sport, but Michael isn't interested. All he wants to do is play his violin. Gwen learns that Michael is being tailed by a mystical force from the world of Faerie, which could endanger the lives of anyone who gets in Michael's way.
1.12 Shadows Michael's Faerie protector Gadowain wreaks havoc as Tasha, Gwen, Josh and Spencer plot to get rid of him. The key lies in a puzzling riddle given to them by Gadowain. But Gad insists that Michael is in danger without his protection, leading Gwen to wonder if getting rid of him is really a good thing.
1.13 Choices A woman claiming to be Gwen's aunt shows up, wanting Gwen to move in with her. Louise and Harve are suspicious but want Gwen to make up her own mind. Josh is jealous of Michael and Gwen considers breaking up with him. Tasha blames Gwen for Michael's lack of feelings for her.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 aired in September, October, November, and December 2002.

Episode Title Summary
2.1 Lost and Found Josh and Tasha are not speaking to Gwen. Gwen puts all her energy into saving her mother. When Michael is in trouble, Gwen makes a deal with Gad: she will convince Michael to remove the iron bracelet preventing Gad from getting near him and he will tell her how to save her mother.
2.2 Time Cuts Tasha believes that she only has a day to live after seeing Black Angus, a dog from Faerie that is said to be an omen of death. Gwen decides to turn back time to save her friend (even though Tasha is still not speaking to her).
2.3 Detention The spirit of a Latin teacher dabbling in black magic is unleashed on Gwen's school. He is seeking revenge on the student who imprisoned him, which is Reine's grandmother. Gwen and Tasha join forces to defeat him. Meanwhile, Reine learns that she can do magic.
2.4 Wishes Josh wishes on an amulet to make Gwen love him again. Gwen becomes so devoted to him that she will give up her magic to be with him.
2.5 Tribes Under Reine's influence, Michael falls in with a group of boys who are terrorizing the school. Worse still, Gwen finds herself unable to do magic without her necklace. Gwen must use more conventional means to help Michael stand up to Reine. Meanwhile, Reine has been experimenting with her new-found magic.
2.6 Easy Money Gwen is the prime suspect when money goes missing from the New Age and the Arc. Meanwhile, Reine is continuing to do magic for her own selfish needs, unaware of the consequences.
2.7 No Place Like Home Gadowain attempts to get Michael to remove the iron bracelet and Gwen is trapped in the shop. She suspects an evil plot by Morgana.
2.8 Bloodlines As the result of a blood test, Gwen learns that Michael is from Faerie. Michael returns to Faerie with Gad to find the secrets of his past.
2.9 Fifi Spencer unintentionally sells his emotions in exchange for the secrets of the universe over the Internet. Gwen is shocked to discover that no one remembers who Michael is. Gwen tries to help Spencer get his emotions back and find out how to get to Faerie, while also coming to the realization that O'Leary is working for Morgana.
2.10 Spellbound Gwen rescues Michael from Faerie but still no one remembers him. Gwen also searches for O'Leary, who has been masquerading as one of her teachers. O'Leary reveals to her that Merlin's Stone can save her mother. Morgana attacks Merlin.
2.11 What Guinevere Knew Gwen enters Faerie in a bid to save Merlin. Using Guinevere's memories, she manages to save Merlin and returns to her own time with Merlin's Stone to save her mother, with O'Leary right behind her.
2.12 Darkness Falls Gwen attempts to return Merlin's Stone to it's hiding place but O'Leary steals it and gives it to Morgana. Then when Morgana attacks Gwen, O'Leary saves her and takes her out of Faerie back to her own time. But everything has changed. Morgana is now immortal and has ruled the world for about 1,500 years. It is now a dismal, dark world where fun is practically banned. Gwen has been declared an outlaw for practicing magic.
2.13 Rebellion Gwen convinces her friends (who are unaware that the world has changed) to form a resistance force. Gwen and O'Leary break into Morgana's dungeons to find Merlin's Stone and learn that Reine is the reincarnation of Morgana, who has regained her youth from Merlin's Stone. Gwen also learns a shocking secret about O'Leary.


There are several major characters in the television show and books:

Main charactersEdit

  • Guinevere "Gwen" Jones is the protagonist. She uses magic to fight evil. She finds out in the first episode that she is the reincarnation of Guinevere, the queen of Camelot from King Arthur's time. Her mother (Karen Jones) was captured by an evil spirit and spent her days in the mental hospital. Gwen was adopted by the Rosens who lived in a shop called New Sage which sell magical stuffs. (portrayed by Tamara Hope).
  • Tasha Myers is Josh's sister. She works at a cafe called the Arc which is frequented by students at the school. She is Gwen's best friend and a great helper in Gwen's fight against evil. (portrayed by Greta Larkins).
  • Josh Myers is Tasha's brother. He is very much a foil to his sister. Sometime he acts like a boyfriend to Gwen along with Michael. (portrayed by Damien Bodie).
  • Michael Medina is Gwen's friend and sometimes boyfriend. He was unwillingly protected by Gadowain until he used a magical gauntlet to repel the fairy. (portrayed by Yani Gellman). Only after Episode 9.
  • Spencer Huang is a friend of Tasha's. (portrayed by Aljin Abella).
  • Reine Davidson is the primary antagonist of Gwen and her friends. She has some knowledge of magic herself. She has a crush on Josh as well as later on Michael. (portrayed by Bridget Neval).
  • Merlin often offers Gwen advice but is also difficult. He is actually a spirit projecting himself from the past. (portrayed by Ted Hamilton).
  • Patrick O'Leary is one of Gwen's teachers at the school. There seems to be something sinister about him, but he is actually Gwen's father. (portrayed by Don Halbert).
  • Gadowain is a troublesome fairy. Michael's protector. (portrayed by Ian Dixon).

Minor charactersEdit

These all appear in relatively few episodes or are not very important to the advancement of the overall story arc.

  • Arthur, the king of Camelot. He appears in flashbacks. (portrayed by Chris Hemsworth).
  • Lancelot, the knight of Camelot. He appeared in one flashback. (portrayed by Alex Tsitsopoulos)
  • Fire Bromsky is a member of Reine's gang. Her real name is Frances. (portrayed by Vanessa Elliott).
  • Wind Winters, whose real name is Winifred Winters, is a member of Reine's gang. (portrayed by Katie Campbell).
  • Morgana La Faye is an evil witch who opposes Gwen and Merlin. (portrayed by Mercia Deane-Johns).
  • Penelope Blatt is the Social studies teacher. (portrayed by Pepe Trevor).
  • Harve Rosen is Gwen's foster father. (portrayed by Dennis Coard).
  • Louise Rosen is Gwen's foster mother. (portrayed by Briony Behets).
  • Katie Dawson is Gwen's foster sister and in foster care herself. (portrayed by Madeline Page).
  • Karen Jones is Gwen's mom. (portrayed by Trudy Hellier).

There are other characters, such as one-episode appearers, who are very unimportant or are only relevant in one episode.


Based on the discussions in the series, people whose souls have been around for many lifetimes have magical ability. There appears to be a direct relationship between the age of the soul and a character's magic. Gwen, who has had many lifetimes, has powerful magic. Her Mom has some magic but not as much as Gwen. This is specifically discussed in the second episode.

It is specifically mentioned in the fifth episode (Weird Sisters) that objects do not have any magical ability. They just assist the bearer. This does not mean that objects cannot have spells cast on them. For example, the stone from Warwe and Mineer has magic on it.

The glade where Gwen talks to Merlin is near two Ley lines. This allows Gwen to focus her magic better.

Magical artifactsEdit

There are several magical items. The most important is a large fluorescent blue gemstone called Merlin's Stone. It is so powerful that it could allow the bearer to become immortal and break away from the endless cycle of death and rebirth. That is the reason Morgana seeks it.

Formed from a tiny piece of the stone is Gwen's pendant. Assists her in using magic. She has used for some of these purposes: erasing memories, influencing the actions of other people, and moving objects through telekinesis, as well as other purposes. The pendant lights up when near Merlin's stone.

In the first episode, Gwen receives a book from an unknown person. In the third episode the book gets destroyed because evil magic is in it.

Eventually, in Rebellion, it is revealed that Merlin's Stone is actually relatively unimportant; Gwen's Pendant is actually more powerful.


The majority of the action takes place in several places. The fictional Griffin High School is where most of the scenes involving school take place. It is casually mentioned in the thirteenth episode that the setting is near Melbourne, Australia.

Near the school is a small forest glade where Gwen can talk to Merlin. Merlin mentions that the glade is near where two ley lines intersect. That is also where Gwen learns much of her magic.

The Arc is the cafe and arcade where Tasha works. It is frequented by other students. The store Gwen's foster parents run is called The New Sage. It sells herbs. Gwen and her foster family live on the second floor of that same building. The hospital is called St. James's Hospital.


The series was a co-production between Canada and Australia. The Canadian production companies were Original Pictures Inc and Ibis Entertainment. They are based in Winnipeg. The Australian production company was Crawford Productions. The show was filmed at St. Hellier's Convent, a 120-year-old building and heritage site in Melbourne, Australia.


Guinevere Jones is or was aired on: YTV and several other networks for its initial run. On March 1, 2005, YTV announced that it would be airing reruns of the show during the last half of March through May. In 2005, it appeared on Disney Italy, Nickelodeon UK, Nickelodeon Arabia, and France 2. In Australia it was aired on Network Ten. The show debuted in the UK on Film 24 (Sky 157) on 7 November 2009.


  • The four novels are a direct novelization of the television series.
  • The first book is called A River Through Time and covers the events from the first fourth of the series. It was written by Sophie Masson.
  • Book two covers the events of the remainder of the first season. It was written by Felicity Pulman. Its title is Love and Other Magic.
  • The third book, titled The Dark Side of Magic covers the first part of the second season. It was also written by Pulman.
  • Book four, also by Masson, is called No Place Like Home. It covers the events from the last part of the second season.
  • All four books are published by Random House Australia.


Season 1Edit

Episode 1.1: Hard RainEdit

[Guinevere is confronted and threatened by Morgana]
Guinevere: How dare you threaten the Queen.

Episode 1.2: PsychedEdit

[Karen Jones is possessed by a Demon]
Karen Jones: Evil is a river running through time.

Episode 1.5: Weird SistersEdit

[The new English teacher, Patrick O'Leary, has arrived at the drama club and sees Wind, Fire, and Reine]
Patrick O'Leary: So you must be fire, wind, and rain.

Episode 1.6: DybbukkinEdit

[Josh is distracting Reine so Gwen can erase her memory]
Josh Myers: I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last girl on Earth.

Season 2Edit

Episode 2.6: Easy MoneyEdit

[Money has just been stolen from the "New Sage Shop"]
Detective Perkins: The facts don't lie

[Katie, trying to exonerate Gwen]
Katie Dawson: The facts don't lie.

[Gwen, when finding who has been framing her]
Gwen: Sometimes, the facts do lie.

[Gwen and Reine have just fought each other]
Reine Davidson: You're just jealous that someone else has powers.
Gwen Jones: It just bugs me that you have power.

Episode 2.13: RebellionEdit

[During the final battle with Reine]
Gwen: Gadowain, I never thought I'd be glad to see you.

[Gwen has just found out that O'Leary is her father]
Gwen: So what should I call you? Dad?
O'Leary: Eventually I'll be proud to be called that. Just as I'm proud of you.

Unknown episodesEdit

[In the ARC, Reine has just entered]
Tasha Myers: And the loser convention is over there. And it looks like you're late.


[Said in order, every opening credit scene]
Merlin: We all have many lifetimes. We first met when you were Arthur's queen. Your destiny is magic, Guinevere. Your task is to fight evil.
Gwen: I told you, my name is Gwen.

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