Guoyrancgon in the Historia Brittonum is the name of the ruler of Kent who is replaced by Hengist when Hengist is given Kent in return for his daughter (Renwein) who is bestowed on Vortigern as his wife. The Historia Brittonum reads:

This cession was made without the knowledge of the king, Guoyrancgon who then reigned in Kent, and who experienced no inconsiderable share of grief, from seeing his kingdom thus clandestinely, fraudulently, and imprudently resigned to foreigners.
The name Guoyrancgon, as first indicated by William Camden in his Britannia, appears to contain the Welsh word guorong meaning ‘governor, viceroy’ and may be a slight corruption of a title rather than a proper name.

Some Name VariationsEdit

LATIN: Guoyrancgonus, Gorangus; FRENCH: Gerangon, Garagon; ENGLISH: Gerengan, Garangan; WELSH: Gwrgant.

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