Heather Dale
is an an award-winning Canadian independent musician who has recorded several albums of Arthurian-based music,  and records song that draw their inspiration from the folklore, mythology and history of various Celtic and non-Celtic cultures. She is recognized in the Society for Creative Anachronism for her outstanding expertise in the Arthurian legends.

She is also the co-writer of the online MMORPG Gates of Camelot and podcasts her own versions of the King Arthur stories, set to original music.

  • The Trial of Lancelot (2000)
  • May Queen (2003)
  • The Green Knight (2009)
  • Avalon (2010) recordings of the previous Arthurian songs.
  • The Legends of Arthur, book containing Arthurian short stories by Dale, and the music and lyrics to her songs
  • Queens of Avalon (2015)

Her song "Mordred's Lullaby" has become a popular YouTube sensation. 

Her official website

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