Iseult White Hands
Iseult of the White Hands
was a princess of Brittany and, in some versions of the legend, married Tristram after he was banished from Cornwall because of his love for Iseult, wife of King Mark.

Sir Tristan marries Iseult of the White Hands because she shares his beloved's name. He never consummates the marriage because of his love for the 'true' Iseult. She naturally resents this deficiency, and ultimately brings about Tristan's death. When Tristan falls ill he sends for the true Iseult hoping that she can cure him. If Iseult agrees to come, the returning ship's sails will be white; if she declines, they will be back. Knowing this and seeing white sails, Tristan's wife lies to him and says the sails are black. He dies of grief before his beloved Iseult returns to him. Iseult of the White Hands regrets her actions after seeing the great love that the two bore for each other.

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