King Arthur: Excalibur Unsheathed is a 2007 comic book retalling of the Arthur legend by Jeff Limke and Thomas Yeates.


Young Arthur spends his days toiling as a squire—feeding the horses and hauling his big brother's armor. Around him, England is in turmoil, left without a king. But all that changes in one day, with one pull on the mysterious sword in the stone. Guided by Merlin the Magician, Arthur takes his place as the rightful heir to England's throne.

The story presents an abriviated version of Le Morte Arthur, including conflicts with King Ryons and Pellinore, and ends when the young king receives the sword Excalibur and wins the loyalty of the Knights of the Round Table.

The same pair of artists continued the tale with Arthur & Lancelot: The Fight for Camelot

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