King Arthur The Role-playing Wargame cover art
King Arthur - The Roleplaying Wargame
is a hybrid real-time strategy and role-playing game computer game, released by Neocore Games in 2009. The storyline itself follows the story of King Arthur's conquest of Brittania, and his struggle to control the throne in the face of Rebellion, the Saxon incursions, and other tribulations of Medieval Britain.

Gameplay revolves around a central campaign, the actions of which are decided in a grand strategy format; as individual battles are fought, the gameplay switches modes to a more traditional real-time strategy game. At the end of battles, quests, and other objectives, units controlled by the player can "level up" to create a unique role-playing experience.

The player's actions have an effect upon the morality of the player's faction, measured by "religion" and "type of ruler." There are only two forms of religion in King Arthur, Christianity, and the "Old Faith". There are several advantages and disadvantages to both, and both unlock advanced and powerful units. The player can also play as a "tyrant," or "rightful king", which in concert with the player's choice of religion allows the player to unlock specific units. 

King Arthur RPG


King Arthur: Druids That allows gameplay from the "old faith's" perspective.'

King Arthur: The Saxons Playing from the perspective of Christian invaders.

King Arthur: Fallen Champions

King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame A sequel released in 2012.

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