Knights of the Round
Knights of the Round
was a 1992 side-scrolling videogame (of the beat-em-up variety) produced by Capcom, inspired by Arthurian myth. It uses Capcom's own popular 'Final Fight' engine, incorporating special if draining attacks and a largely destructible environment. It also takes elements from Sega's 'Golden Axe' series, wherein beasts of burden may be taken from enemies and utilized by the player.

While training, King Arthur finds ExcaliburMerlin appears and tells Arthur that he must find the Holy Grail in order to unite Britian. Sir Lancelot and Sir Perceval join him on his quest.

One or two players can play at a time. The players get to choose between the speedy Lancelot, the powerful Perceval, and the balanced Arthur. On each stage, the players might fight through hordes of enemies to get to the boss. Once there, they must defeat the boss. This must all be accomplished within the time limit. There are seven stages in all. The bosses and enemies are an odd mix of knightly lore mixed with other genres, including elements that might be described as 'steampunk', not dissimilar to the festival games bested by Richard Gere's Lancelot in First Knight.

Unique for a beat'em up is the game's experience system. At the end of each stage, the player's score is converted to experience. Once a player gets enough experience, their stats increase, making the player stronger, faster, and tougher. Experience can be gained by both defeating enemies and gathering items. As Arthur and Lancelot advance, their armor and swords grown in size and luster; as Perceval advances, his body mass increases and he becomes bald with a beard.

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