Louis-Élisabeth de La Vergne, comte de Tressan (4 Nov. 1705 - 31 Oct. 1783), generally known simply as Tressan was a French soldier, physician, scientist, medievalist and writer, best known for his adaptations of knightly romances of the Middle Ages.

In his Corps d’extraits de romans de chevalerie Tressam included an abridgement of the printed Prose Tristan.


  • Tressan, Louis-Élisabeth de La Vergne, comte de. (Redacted) (1822). Tristan de Léonais, fils de Méliadus, in Œuvres du Comte de Tressan (reprinted from Vol. III of Corps d’extraits de romans de chevalerie, [1782] pp. 21–161). Paris: Nepveu, Aimé-André.

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