This the Manual of Style for Quondam et Futurus . Edit

These are the general rules of organization and style for this wiki. These guidelines are intended to help editors of this resource look at over a thousand years of legend in the clearest way possible. 

Naming ConventionsEdit

The general rule is to use the earliest form of a name for the main entry, or the most common form. Then enter all the alternate forms as redirects. There is no one right translation of most of the names. The intent is one article for each Arthurian person, regardless of differences of names, except when there are texts which appear to differentiate them.See the article Morcades for Gawain's mother under various different names. 

Internal naming in articles should follow whatever name is used in the work. For example, internal refrences in the article on the film Excalibur (1981) (film) should refer to the character as Morgana, with the links leading to Morgan le Fay.

Another general rule is to use the shortest possible form of the name as the main entry.For example Kay instead of Sir Kay. The exception is multiple different characters with the same name. For example Elaine.   

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