Mercedes Lackey – author of ‘Gwenhwyfar, The White Spirit’

Mercedes ‘Misty’ Lackey is an American author of fantasy novels. She was born in Chicago on the 24th June 1950. A protegée of Marion Zimmer Bradley, she started out writing short stories in Bradley’s story collections. Like Bradley and many other fantasy writers, she also decided to tackle the Arthurian legends and produce her own version entitled Gwenhwyfar, The White Spirit. Many of her novels have been collaborations with other authors.

Lackey graduated from Purdue University in 1972. While at university, she began publishing work in fanzines and eventually sold a story to Fantasy Book Magazine. Around this time, she married but later divorced her first husband, Tony Lackey, and eventually married Larry Dixon. They live together outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The basis of Lackey’s Arthurian novel, Gwenhwyfar, The White Spirit, was originally stimulated by the Welsh Triad (No. 56) entitled ‘The Three Guineveres’. She also incorporated elements of the ‘False Guinevere’ or Gwenhwyfach, and Triad 53 where it was stated that Gwenhwyfach struck Gwenhwyfar and thus caused the Battle of Camlann. For more information, please go to Wikipedia: Mercedes_Lackey.

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