Merlin and the Dragons is an animated film adapted from a story by Jane Yolen. It was directed by Dennis Woodyard. The production is a retelling of the Arthurian legend, with Merlin the magician, based on material from Nennius and Geoffrey of Monmouth. The film is narrated and voiced by Kevin Kline


A young King Arthur is awoken from his sleep by bad dreams about a boy who is made king because he pulls a sword from a stone. He goes to Merlin to seek his counsel, and Merlin begins a story of his own describing a young boy with strange abilities and visions. The boy, called Emrys, is feared in his village and called a demon. Eventually, King Vortigern comes and forces his village to build a tower for him. However, the tower crumbles. His wizards advise him to find a demon boy and spill his blood upon the ground. However, when Emrys, is brought before Vortigern, he predicts that there is a pool of water beneath the foundations of the castle that weaken it. The workers then find a pool of water and two strange stones, from which two beasts emerge, a white dragon and a red dragon. A fight ensues that is ended when Vortigern distracts the red dragon, which is then defeated by the white. Time passes, and Emrys has another vision of an army coming to kill Vortigern. Soon after, Vortigern is defeated. The story ends with Merlin revealing that he is Emrys and that Arthur himself is the boy in his own dreams who will pull a sword from the stone. Arthur finds out that he is not fatherless and that his father is Uther Pendragon, who once used to be High King. Merlin and the boy go back to sleep at the end of the story.


Merlin and the Dragons Part I10:00

Merlin and the Dragons Part I


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