Merlin and the War of the Dragons is a 2008 fantasy film produced by The Asylum, based loosely on the legends of King Arthur. It was filmed entirely on location in Wales.


In Pre-England Britain, sometime before the birth of King Arthur, Merlin (Simon Lloyd Roberts) is already active and now serves under King Vortigern (Hefin Wyn).

Soon after Vortigern's coronation, a large army of giant, fire-breathing dragons lands in Britain and begins to terrorize the land, setting fire to buildings and feasting on any who are unable to escape. Due to their size and number, the dragons threaten the very existence of Britain itself, and Vortigern instructs Merlin to lead an army against the dragons, ordering his best generals—Hengist (Iago McGuire) and Uther (Dylan Jones)—to aid Merlin in any way possible.

With the help of Vortigern and his generals, Merlin begins to think of ways to defeat the dragons, who are growing stronger every day whilst Britain grows weaker. Using magic and knowledge, Merlin devises a plan that will ultimately decide the fate of British history.


  • Nia Ann - Lady Nimue
  • Ceri Bostock - Gwyneth
  • Carys Eleri - Lady Vivianne
  • Ruthie Gwilym - Midwife
  • William Huw - Torm
  • Dylan Jones - Uther
  • Iago McGuire - Hengist
  • Jürgen Prochnow - The Mage
  • Simon Lloyd Roberts - Merlin
  • Joseph Stacey - Vendiger
  • Iona Thonger - Ingraine
  • Hefin Wyn - Vortigern

See alsoEdit

  • Dragonquest – A 2009 film also by The Asylum
  • Merlin – A BBC television series premiering in the same year, which also tells of Merlin's early years


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