'Morte d'Arhur' was a 1984 BBC2 TV movie based on the book by Thomas Mallory and directed by Gillian Lynne.

This production featured silent actors performing while an the voice portraying Thomas Malory read the tale with music. This unique vision was the brainchild of director and chroeography Gillian Lynne

Actor Jeremy Brett told the Radio Times of his discomfort with the non-speaking format, "I find, as an actor, being without words is almost impossible to bear. I feel deprived. So I learned all the Arthur speeches to give me some meat to feed on...It's been complex, it's been dangerous, you hope that the effect of the flood of emotion you show through the brooding look isn't too grotesque..."

  • Jeremy Brett: King Arthur
  • John Barton: Sir Thomas Malory
  • Nickolas Grace: Sir Mordred
  • Barbara Kellerman: Queen Guenevere
  • David Robb: Sir Lancelot

David Robb had previously played Lancelot in The Legend of King Arthur (1979)

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