Paskent is the third of Vortigern’s three elder sons in the Historia Brittonum and the only one to survive Vortigern.

Paskent’s LifeEdit

According to the Historia Brittonum, after the death of Vortigern, Paskent’s father, Aurelius Ambrosius allowed Paskent to rule as king over two of Vortigern’s territories, Buellt and Gwerthrynion. Other sources trace the lineage of the kings Buellt and Gwerthrynion back to Paskent

Geoffrey of Monmouth in his Historia Regum Britanniae does not mention Paskent being made a king. Rather Geoffrey tells later that Paskent has fled to Germany and used his wealth to raise up an enormous army which he takes to the northern parts of Britain. Ambrosius with his own army, aided by the local inhabitants, defeats Paskent and forces him to flee.

Paskent then goes to King Gilloman in Ireland who agrees to aid Paskent, Gilloman begin already angered by Ambrosius, because Ambrosius has stolen the Giant’s Ring from Ireland. The Irish host lands near Menevia. Ambrosius is then lying ill at Winchester, but Ambrosius’ brother Uther leads an army against Paskent.

Paskent sends a Saxon named Eopa under the guise of a British physician to poison Ambrosius, which Eopa succeeds in doing. A strange comet appears in the sky, which Merlin tells Uther signifies that Ambrosius has dead. Merlin goes on to explain how the comet is also symbolic of Uther’s future descendants. Merlin prophecies that Uther will be victorious against Gilloman and Paskent.

In the following battle near Menevia, Uther is victorious and Gilloman and Paskent are slain.

Descendants of PaskentEdit

The Historia Brittonum gives the line descendants of Paskent of Buellt and Gwerthrynion as Briciat, Meuprit, Paul, Eldoc, Eldat, Moriud, Guoidcant, and Pascent.

The Jesus College MS. 20 Genealogies sections 14 and 15 give Riagath, Idnerth, Pawl, Elaed, Morvo, Gwedgad, and Pascen Buellt.

Some Name VariationsEdit

LATIN: Pascentius, Paschentius; FRENCH: Pascent, Pascens; ENGLISH: Pascent, Passent, Passent, Passente, Passend, Passcent; WELSH: Pascent, Pascen, Pasken, Pasgen.

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