Pedrog Splintered-Spear (Petroc Baladrddelit) son of Clement was an historic 7th century British ruler of Dumnonia who may have died in the Battle of Bradford-on-Avon.

This Pedrog is sometimes confused with the Cornish St. Pedroc who died in 564 according to tradition. The early Welsh scholar Evan Evans in a copy of the 17th-century Peniarth 185 manuscript, now known as Panton MS 13, claims there were seven survivors of the Battle of Camlann: Sandde Angel’s Form, Morfran son of Tegid, St. Cynfelyn, St. Cedwyn, St. Pedrog, Derfel Gadarn, and Geneid Hir.

Through some such confusion Pedrog son of Clement is listed as one of the Three Just Knights, along with Blaes and Cadog son of Gwynlliw in the 15th century Welsh list of the Twenty-four Knights of Arthur’s court.

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