Phyllis Ann Karr, modern Arthurian author.

These dictionaries originally came from Karr’s notes for the game Pendragon she and her publisher were working on, hence the admittedly rather arbitrary geographical identifications and that the book tends not to notice contradictions in its sources, for example that Gareth/Gaheriet has an entirely different origin in Malory and in the Vulgate Merlin. Karr’s original purpose was to create a coherent game world without discrepancies.

Sources are mainly Sommer’s edition of the Vulgate Cycle, Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, and in the 2nd edition Chrétien de Troyes, plus a few bits from some other medieval English romances. Odd speculations about why Malory did things when Malory was just following his sources, about Malory’s editor, not recognizing that some knights she lists twice are really just the same knight under a different spelling, and random errors mar this work, in both versions.

See Arthurian dictionaries


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