The Pillar of Eliseg, also known as Eliseg’s Pillar or Croes Elisedd in Welsh, stands near Valle Crucis Abbey, Denbighshire, Wales, at grid reference SJ204442.

It was erected by Cyngen ap Cadell (died 855), king of Powys in honour of his great-grandfather Elisedd ap Gwylog. The form Eliseg found on the pillar is thought to be a mistake by the carver of the inscription.

Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt in 1662 examined the Pillar and the inscription was first published from this copy by Robert Llwyd in 1696. Since then the lower part of the pillar has been lost.

A translation of the recorded text follows:

☩ Concenn son of Catell, Catell
son of Brochmail, Brochma⸢i⸣l son
of Eliseg, Eliseg son of Guoillauc.
☩ And that Concenn, great-grandson of Eliseg,
erected this stone for his great-grandfather
Eliseg. ☩ The same Eliseg, who joined
together the inheritance of Powys ...
... throughout nine ⸢years?⸣ out of the power of the Angles
with his sword and with fire.
⸢☩ Who⸣soever shall r⸢e⸣ad this hand-inscrib
⸢ed sto⸣ne, let him give a blessing on
⸢the soul⸣ of Eliseg. ☩ This is that Concenn
....... who captured with his hand
eleven hundred acres [4.5 km²] which used to belong to his kingdom of Powys
....... and which
....... the mountain

[the column is broken here. One line, possibly more, lost]

the monarchy
...... Maximus of Britain
⸢Conce⸣nn, Pascen⸢t⸣, Mau⸢n⸣, Annan.
☩ Britu, mor⸢e⸣ov⸢e⸣r, son of Vorti
gern, whom Germanus bles⸢sed⸣, and
whom Sevira bore to him, daughter of Maximus
the ⸢ki⸣ng, who killed the king of the Rom
ans. ☩ Conmarch painted this
writ⸢i⸣n⸢g⸣ at the request of King
Concenn. ☩ The blessing of the L⸢or⸣d be upon Con
cenn and upon h⸢i⸣s entire household,
and upon the entire ⸢re⸣gion of Powys
until ⸢the Day of Judgement, Amen.⸣

The recorded marriage between Vortigern and Sevira may be fictitious, but it is not impossible. Sevira may have been older than Vortigern and the marriage may have occurred after Maximus’ death.

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