The Post-Vulgate charts that follow list events in the prose Arthurian romances from Gaheriet’s slaying of his mother to just before the Pentecost feast when the quest for the Holy Grail begins.

The prose Arthurian romances in intention are mostly imagined by their authors to be in approximate continuity with one another, all supposedly only extracts from a large Latin book kept at the almeries of Salisbury. In fact they are not so. The Vulgate Merlin and the Post-Vulgate Merlin very much do not agree with one another. Comments in the Prose Tristan to synchronize it with the Prose Lancelot do not agree with one another. The Tavola Ritonda is very much in disagreement.

But from the beginning of the Folie Lancelot events can be mostly placed in a single continuity. Discrepancies in chronology mostly affect only the time in which events occur, not their order. Disagreements between the two are rare, the most notable being V.II having Perceval first come to court before the death of his brother Lamorat. But that seems to be a simple error.

The Prose Lancelot makes the time between Lancelot running off mad to Lancelot’s return to court be about five years. Some references in V.I of the Prose Tristan refer to Tristan in the same period being imprisoned for four years, then being effective ruler to Cornwall for a fifth year, before journeying to Britain and meeting Lancelot. But the Post-Vulgate Folie Lancelot clearly changes the chronology to have Lancelot away from court for ten years. V.I of the Prose Tristan also inconsistently refers to this later chronology.

But the order of events is not necessarily in contradiction in the different texts and it is the order of events that has been used to create the tables.

The sole exception is in the matter of the Tournament of Louveserp where the tournament has been inserted in the wrong place in the Prose Tristan V.I. See discussion in the table in the section entitled Preparations for the Grail Quest.

The story of Lancelot, Tristan, Yseult, and Guenevere living for a time together under the guardianship of the Lady of the Lake as found only in the Tavola Ritonda has here been placed somewhat arbitrarily as a climax to Tristan’s final adventures before the Grail quest


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  V.IV Prose Tristan Version IV

Individual Events of the PastEdit

Presuming that Alexandre’s father, Mark’s brother, is the Pernehan whom Mark killed at the time Tristan was born, Alexandre ought to be just a little younger than Tristan, which properly puts his tale early, making the mention of Mordred in it a chronological error.

The tournament in Sorelois takes place during Arthur’s marriage to the false Guenevere. Malory invents his own explanation of why Guenevere is with Galeholt and why Arthur is not at the tourney. Since Dinadan was still a new knight when he first met Tristan, he should not appear in this tournament.

Individual Events of the Past
  PL L PT V.II TaR Mal.
King Bohort kills a giant in Uther Pendragon’s days. 161 III.15–19
Adventures of Alexandre the Orphan 282 b X.32–40aα
The Tournament of Sorelois 282 d X.40aβ–49
Lancelot fathers Galahad on King Pelles’ daughter. M IV.LXXVIII.
S V.107₃₅–12₂₀
388 aα VI.III.30–36
CVIIIaα XI.1aβ–3a
Bohort at Corbenic. M V.XCVIII.
S V.294₁₆–303₃₂
388 aα VI.III.37–48

Lamorat and GaherietEdit

Lamorat and Gaheriet
  L FL PT V.II Mal.
Lamorat is victor at a tournament. Gawain and his brothers are not pleased. 255b 1–2a III.142₁₅–43₂₁ X.24aα
Gaheriet finds Lamorat in bed with Gaheriet’s mother, kills his mother, but lets Lamorat go. 256 2b–5bα III.143₂₁–45 X.24aβ
Gawain tells his hatred of Lamorat and Gaheriet to his other brothers. 257 III.146
Lancelot warns Arthur that he may lose Tristan and Lamorat over this. X.24b
Guerrehet aids his brother Gaheriet 283 a_aα 6bβ–7 III.146
Dinadan fights Brehus the Merciless, then Agravain and Dalan. 257 III.147–54 X.25abα
Dinadan tells Palamedes what has happened to Tristan, and of Gaheriet and Lamorat. 258 III.155–58 X.25bβ
Gawain blames Lamorat for all their troubles. 257 III.159
News of Tristan and letters exchanged be­tween Log­res and Corn­wall. 261–66 III.160–82₂₂ X.26–27a
Dinadan and Lancelot send a harper to Cornwall to sing a lay insulting to King Mark. 267–69 III.182₂₃–87₁₁ X.27b
Tristan battles Helyant the Saxon. 270–78 III.187₁₁–241 X.28–30
The harper sings the lay and Mark is enraged. 279–81 III.242–47 X.31
Gaheriet is saved from Gawain’s hatred by Lamorat 283 a_aβ 8–20bβ

Imprisonment of TristanEdit

It is uncertain whether the following should be imagined to happen before or during the war in Gaul. Malory and Löseth in MS. 99 present a version which is chronologically impossible in the larger continuity.

Imprisonment of Tristan
  L PT V.I PT V.III TaR Mal.
Mark finds Tristan and Yseult in bed together. 284–87a I.X.16–17 2C.11–19 LXXXVIIIbα
Mark imprisons Tristan. 287b–88, 282 e_aα I.X.16–XI.4 2C.20–31 LXXXVIIIbβ X.50a

Arthur Conquers GaulEdit

Arthur Conquers Gaul
The Knights of the Round Table gather their troops. M VI.CI.19–24
S 335₂₉–36₂₇
M VI.App.CI.
283 a_bα, 388 a_aβ 20bβ–21aα VI.49₁₋₃₈
G&P 78₉₋₁₀
The Knights of the Round Table go to Gaul to battle King Claudas. Romans come to Claudas’ aid. M VI.CI.25–CIV
S 336₂₇–69₁₄
M VI.App.CI.
Arthur and Lancelot lead a second expedition to Gaul. M VI.CV.1–6
S 369₁₅–370₃₃
Arthur defeats Frollo in single combat and becomes ruler of Gaul. M VI.CV.6–20
S 370₃₃–74₃₁
Arthur gives Frollo’s lady love as wife to Bran of Lis. 18bβ C I.210–11
King Claudas flees and his son Claudin surrenders. M VI.CV.21–26
S 374₃₂–77₁
Lancelot refuses to accept kingship and the Britons all return to Logres M VI.CV.30a
S 377₁–78₄

Lancelot’s MadnessEdit

Lancelot’s Madness
Arthur announces a more e­la­bor­ate than us­u­al Pente­cost court. M VI.CV.30b
S 378₄₋₁₁
21aα VI.49₁₋₁₅
G&P 78₁₀₋₂₀
Lancelot tries to rescue Tris­tan but fails and is left for dead. Tris­tan is im­pris­oned again. 289–93 I.XI.5–26 2C 33–59
Lancelot’s jour­ney back to Ca­me­lot. 294–300aα I.XII.1–23 2C 60–92
Lancelot calls on his kind­red to res­cue Tris­tan. 300aβbα I.XII.24–28 2C 93–100
King Pelles’ daughter comes to court and lies with Lan­ce­lot by de­ceit. M VI.CV.31–
S 378₁₂–80₁₇
283 a_bβ
21aβbα I.XII.29–II.1 VI.49₁₆–51₂₇
G&P 78₋₂₀–80₂₇
2C 101–03 XI.7–8abα
Lancelot runs mad from Ca­me­lot. M VI.CV.37–
S 380₁₈–81₁₀
21bβ II.2₁₋₁₇ VI.51₂₈₋₆₉
G&P 80₂₈–81₁₆
2C 104₁₋₁₇ XI.8bβ
Lancelot’s three kins­men can­not find him. M VI.CVI.
S 381₁₁–82₄₀
M VI.App.
301aα 22a II.2₁₇–3₇ VI.52–54₂₉
G&P 81₁₇–84₃
2C 104₁₇–05₇ XI.9–10a
Gawain and thirty-two other knights set out on the quest. M VI.CVI.9
S 382₄₀–83₆
M VI.App.
283 a_bβ
22b II.3₇₋₃₀ VI.54₃₀₋₅₃
G&P 84₄₋₁₉
2C 105₇₋₂₉ XI.10bα
Interpolated adventures of Hec­tor, Li­on­el, and Bo­hort. S 413–74
Some knights are excused from the quest, in­clud­ing Erec, who keeps on des­pite this. 283 a_bβ 23–24
Erec at the Cas­tle of the Ten Knights. 284 a 25–35
Wanderings of Lan­ce­lot. M VI.CVII.
S 393₂₉–99₂
M VI.App.
285 a 36–46 VI.55–69 XII.1–3bα
About the sons of Pel­li­nor 302 II.4–6₇ 2C.106–08
Gaheriet and Brun. 303 II.6₇–13 2C 109–18
Adventures of Gawain 304–06 II.14–43₃ 2C 119–58₃
Erec set free and Gawain im­pris­oned. Erec and Hec­tor. 284 b
Lancelot comes to Cor­benic. M VI.CVII.
S 399₂₋₁₇
M VI.App.
287 a_aα 61–62a VI.70₁₋₃₂ XII.3bβ
Variant accounts of how Lan­ce­lot is re­cog­nized. M VI.CVII.​24–
S 399₁₈–400₁₃
M VI.App.
287 a_aβ 62b–65a VI.70₃₃–71₆₈ XII.4abα
Lancelot is healed and ins­talled in the Isle of Joy. M VI.CVII.​
S 399₁₈–400₁₃
M VI.App.
287 a_bα 65b–68a VI.71₆₉–75 XII.4bβ–
Lancelot begins to fight as the Ill-Made Knight M VI.CVII.
S 399₁₈–400₁₃
287 a_bβ 68b–71 VI.76 XII.6bβ–7aα

Slaying of Driant and LamoratEdit

Slaying of Driant and Lamorat
Lamorat defeats Gawain and mar­ries the dam­sel and sets off to court with his broth­ers. 288 a_aβ 72–76bα II.43₄₋₁₈ 2C 158₄₋₂₀
Gawain meets three of his broth­ers. II.44 2C 159–60
Gawain kills Driant in single combat. La­mo­rat finds Dri­ant dying. 288 a_aβ
76bβ–78bβ II.45–47 2C 161–63
Gawain kills Lamorat in sin­gle com­bat. 288 a_aβ
78bβ–80aα II.47–48 IV.248aα 2C 164–65
Lamorat’s head in Ar­thur’s court. 288 a_bα
80–81 II.49 2C 166

Early Adventures of PercevalEdit

Early Adventures of Perceval
Agloval takes his brother Per­ce­val from their moth­er. M VI.CVI.
S 383₈–84₂₄
M VI.App.CVI.​
288 a_bβ
82–89aα II.50–60₁₆ VI.55–57 2C 167–80₃ XII.10b
Agloval avenges his squire. M VI.CVI.20–
S 384₂₅–385₄
M VI.App.
VI.58₁₋₁₈ XII.11
Perceval knighted at Ar­thur’s court M VI.CVI.
S 385₅–86₁₆
282 c
288 a_bβ
89aβ–92a II.60₁₆–63 IV.140–42₁₅
2C 180₄–85 X.23aβb
Perceval leaves the court. M VI.CVI.​26–​
S 386₁₇–87₁₇
288 a_bβ
92b–93 II.64–65₂₀ VI.60 2C 186–87₂₂ XII.12aα
Perceval rescues Pat­ri­des M VI.CVI.
S 387₁₈–89₂₆
VI.61 XII.12aβ–
Perceval and Ga­her­i­et 288 a_bβ 94–100
Erec, Hector, Lionel, and the Ug­ly Brave 289 a – 291 a_aα 101–20
Hector and Gawain. 291 a_aα 121–30
Erec and Bohort 291 a_aβbα 131–35
Gaheriet and Perceval. Ga­he­ri­et defeated by Lan­ce­lot. 136–40
Perceval and the Im­pov­er­ished Maid­en. 141–47
Word comes to court of Per­ce­val’s deeds. II.65₂₁₋₂₉ 2C 187₂₂₋₃₀
Perceval defeats Kay and Ga­wain. 313 II.66–73 2C 188–97

Tristan is Rescued from PrisonEdit

Tristan is Rescued from Prison
Some of King Mark’s barons rebel because they suspect Tristan has been imprisoned by Mark. 282 e_aβbα (V.IV) X.50b–51a
Perceval battles Bo­hort to win Lan­ce­lot’s shield, but los­es. 314abα II.74–82 2C 198–207
Perceval undertakes to free Tris­tan. 314abαβ–​
II.83–85 2C 208–09₃
Perceval frees Tristan from prison. 282 f_aβ​ (V.IV)
II.86–99₁₇ IV.248aβ 2C 209₃–226 LXXXIXaα X.51bα
Contradictory accounts of further conflicts with Mark. Tristan and Yseult decide to go together to Logres 282 f_bβ – g​ (V.IV)
II.99₁₈–134₂₁ IV.248aβbα 2C 227 X.51bβ

Perceval’s Quest for LancelotEdit

Perceval’s Quest for Lancelot
  PL L FL PT V.II Mal.
Perceval rescues a damsel from Sagremor and the Ugly Brave. 148–152a
Perceval meets the Fisher King. 152b
Perceval and Hector battle and are healed by the Grail. VI.CVI.34–
S 389₂₇–393₂₈
388 a_aβ VI.63–65 XI.13aβb
Perceval fights Lancelot and learns who he is. M VI.CVIII.
S 404₃–07₃₀
388 a_bα VI.77–79 XII.7–8, 9bα
Lancelot, Hector, and Perceval prepare to return to court. M VI.CVIII.
S 407₃₀–08₁₇
Lionel and Bohort bring Helain the White to court. Arthur makes him a knight. VI.80–82 XII.9a
Lancelot, Hector and Perceval return to court. M VI.CVIII.
S 408₁₆₋₂₆
VI.83 XII.10
The boy Galahad goes to an abbey near Camelot to be raised. M VI.CVIII.
S 408₁₆₋₃₀

Tristan and Yseult’s Journey to Logres in the Ship of Joy and Some Later EncountersEdit

Tristan and Yseult’s Journey to Logres in the Ship of Joy and Some Later Encounters
  L PT V.I
Tristan and Yseult embark for Logres in the magical Ship of Joy. 323–25 II.134₂₂–41₂₀
Tristan slays Ferrant of Carreor and defeats Arthur in single combat on the Isle of the Fountain. 326–30 II.141₂₁–66
Tristan and Yseult are blamed by the Fisher King for their disloyalty to King Mark. 331 II.167–68
Arthur boards the ship, sees Tristan and Yseult sleeping together, but does not recognize them. 332 II.169–71₂₉
Tristan and Yseult land at the castle of the wizard Mabon who has sent the ship so that Tristan may slay Mabon’s rival Menonas. Tristan does so. 333–35 II.171₃₀–84₂₇
Tristan defeats Mordred when Mordred attempts to abduct Yseult. 336 II.184₂₈–93
Tristan watches Palamedes battle a knight who wishes to abduct Yseult. Tristan defeats Palamedes in a joust. 337 II.194–206

The Last Adventures of Tristan in Logres Before Announcement of the Grail QuestEdit

The Last Adventures of Tristan in Logres Before Announcement of the Grail Quest
  L PT V.I PT V.II TrP TaR Mal.
Tristan fights Lancelot who is at­temp­ting to ab­duct Yseult. 317 note 3 LXXXIXaβb
Tristan, incognito, defeats a number of Ar­thur’s knights in jousts. 338–41
338 a_aα
338 b_aα
338 c_a
338 d_a
338 e_a
II.207–13₃₇ V.1₁₋₇ XCa X.52a
Tristan reveals himself to Lancelot and re­quires a safe place to live with Yseult. They de­part to­geth­er to Joy­ous Gard. 342–44
338 a_aβb
338 b_aβ
338 c_b
338 d_b
338 e_b
II.213₃₈–16 V.1₇–2 212aα XCbα
Arthur discovers that the un­known knight is Tris­tan. 345abα
338 b_b
II.217–18₆₁ V.3₁₋₂₁ X.52bα
Arthur plans a tournament at Lou­ve­serp near Joy­ous Gard that he may see Tris­tan and Yseult. 352–54 V.3₂₂–7 212aβ–14aα XCbβ–XCI X.52bβ
How Tristan and Yseult dwell at Joy­ous Gard. 355 V.8 214b XCIIaα X.52bβ
A messenger announces the Tournament at Lou­ve­serp to Tris­tan. Tris­tan meets Bre­hus the Mer­ci­less, Pa­la­me­des, Bli­ob­le­heris, Erec, and Per­ce­val. Di­na­dan lod­ges at Joy­ous Gard and speaks with Yseult 356–63 III.1–61 V.9–105 215–52bα XCIIaβ–XCIIIbα X.52bβ–56bα
Tristan, Palamedes, Gaheriet, and Di­na­dan de­cide to fight in the tour­na­ment. Pa­la­me­des sets out to avenge the death of the King of the Red City. 364–68 III.62–136 V.106–12 252bβ–92 XCIIIbβ–XCIVbα,
Palamedes avenges the king and returns to Tris­tan and the others. Tents are sent to the for­est near Lou­ve­serp. 369–72 III.137–209 V.113–52 293–348 XCIVbβ X.61–64
Palamedes de­feats some knights in cas­ual jousts. Even­ing games. Ar­thur learns that Tris­tan will take part. 373–77 III.210–66 V.153–86 349–97 X.65–68aα
First day of the tour­na­ment prop­er. The four com­pan­ions fight on the side op­posed to Ar­thur. Pa­la­me­des wins the prize for that day. Di­na­dan en­cour­ages Tris­tan to do bet­ter the fol­low­ing day. 378 III.267–319 V.187–224 398–447 XCVIa X.68aβ–74
Second day of the tournament. Tris­tan does best. Pa­la­me­des and Tris­tan fight, Tris­tan not knowing it is Pa­la­me­des. Lan­ce­lot fights. Ar­thur and Lan­ce­lot meet Tris­tan in the even­ing. Tris­tan wins the prize. 379–80 III.320–78 V.225–72 448–94 XCVIaβ–
Last day of the tour­na­ment. Tris­tan, Di­na­dan, and Ga­her­iet change sides, not wishing Ar­thur’s side to lose. Pa­la­me­des re­fuses to change sides. The prize for the day is giv­en to both Tris­tan and Lan­ce­lot. Pa­la­me­des de­fies Tris­tan. 381abα III.379–400 V.273–88 495–510 XCVIIIa X.78bβ–80
Tristan returns to Joy­ous Gard with his com­pan­ions They are joined by Hec­tor and Bli­ob­le­heris. These last two re­turn to court and tell Guen­e­vere about the tour­na­ment. 381bβ III.401–04 V.289–91 511 XCVIIIb–
Pa­la­me­des bat­tles his broth­er Sa­phar. 382 IV.1–39 VI.1–15 X.82–84aα
Pa­la­me­des, rescued from pris­on by Lan­ce­lot, is taken by Tris­tan and Lan­ce­lot to Joy­ous Gard where Pa­la­me­des suf­fers from the sight of Yseult . 383–84a IV.40–59 VI.16–22 X.84aβ–86a
Tristan challenges Palamedes, but is wound­ed by an ar­row be­fore the fight. Trs­tan does such great feats in his search for Pa­la­me­des that Lan­ce­lot’s kin would kill Tris­tan from en­vy, save that Lan­ce­lot for­bids it. 384b–85 IV.60–78 VI.23–28 X.86b–88bα
The people of Leonois request Tris­tan to visit them. He intends to do so. 386 VI.29 X.88bβ
Tristan Lancelot, Yseult, and Guenevere are given hospitality by the Lady of the Lake. CV–CVII

Preparations for the Grail QuestEdit

The Prose Tristan, V.I, relates Arthur’s announcement of the festival in which the quest of the Grail will begin, and follows this with some Tristan adventures which relate chronologically to this short period between Tristan receiving the announcement and his departure to attend the court.

But instead of Tirstan coming to court, then follows the story of the tournament of Louveserp, which begins with Tristan still at Joyous Gard. Some time after the tournament comes a repeat of Arthur’s announcement and Tristan sets out for court, again.

There is obviously duplication in the manuscripts. Therefore in the table the two announcements are equated and the events of the Tournament of Louveserp have been placed in the previous table before the announcement. The results are far more sensible.

Preparations for the Grail Quest
  PL L PT V.I PT V.II Mal.
At Easter, Galahad speaks of being knighted at Pentecost. M VI.CVIII.15b
S 408₃₀₋₄₀
The hermit tells Arthur that the new knight who will achieve the Grail will be at his court at Pentecost. M VI.CVIII.16a
S 409₁₋₁₁
387aβb IV.79 VI.84₃₂–85₄₀
Arthur sends word to his knights and barons to come to the greatest Pentecost court he will hold. M VI.CVIII.16b
S 409₁₁₋₁₅
388a IV.80–81. VI.85₄₁₋₅₀
Tristan receives Arthur’s message. Tristan will go but Yseult prefers to remain behind. 347,
Tristan meets a damsel who is bringing a sword to Camelot. 348 II.222–23
Tristan beheads the Knight of the Round Table Dagarius who is infatuated with Yseult. 349 II.224–28
Tristan battles the Knight of the Round Table Adoras of the Island of the Port. 350–51bα II.229–35₅
Tristan sets off for the Pentecost court. 351bβ,
Tristan meets with Palamedes on the way to court. 389aβb IV.85–91₇ VI.87₁₁–88
In Malory alone a sing­le-com­bat oc­curs and Pa­la­me­des is Christ­ened.
Summary of what will happen at the court. 390a IV.91₈₋₃₁ VI.89 XII.14bβ

Further Charts for Prose Arthurian RomancesEdit

Charts containing earlier details in the lives of Tristan and Yseult as told in the prose romances appear in:

Prose Tristan (charts)
Charts containing information in later romances will appear in:

Quest of the Holy Grail (charts)
Death of Arthur (charts)

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