The Prose Tristan charts give a listing of events in the early portions of the Prose Tristan and romances primarily derived from these or related to them: mainly the Tavola Ritonda and Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur.

In these sections of the Prose Tristan also occur synchronizations to the Vulgate Cycle but these synchronizations disagree with one another. Accordingly the Vulgate Cycle cannot be included in these charts which cover portions the Prose Tristan only up to the point at which synchronizations with the Vulgate Cycle and the Post-Vulgate Cycle become possible (at least barely) without changing texts to put the stories in a single continuity.

Where the order of events in versions of the Prose Tristan disagrees with that in Le Morte d’Arthur or the Tavola Ritonda (often), the charts follow the order in the Prose Tristan.

The very useful summary of the Prose Tristan and its variations by E. Löseth have also been included. Löseth’s order has been followed throughout except in placing the last item in these charts from the Prose Tristan V.I and V.III before events in V.II which Löseth places first. Nothing can be proved either way, but the placement in the charts helps explain when in V.II, for at least a time, King Mark seems less hostile to Tristan.


  2C Joël Blanchard, Les deux captivités de Tristan
  Joseph Bédier, (Ed.) Appendice I: Les parties anciennes du roman en prose française. In Le roman de Tristan par Thomas: Poème du XIIe siècle (Tome II, pp. 311–95).
  C Renée L. Curtis, Le Roman de Tristan
  L E. Löseth, Le Roman en prose de Tristan
  Mal. Thomas Malory, Le Morte d’Arthur
  PT Prose Tristan
  TaR Tavola Ritonda
  TrR Tristano Riccardiano
  TrP Tristano panciatichiano
  V.I Prose Tristan Version I
  V.II Prose Tristan Version II
  V.III Prose Tristan Version III

The Beginning of the Prose TristanEdit

The Beginning of the Prose Tristan
  L PT TrR, TrP TaR Mal.
Introduction pp. 1–2 C I.Prologue Prologue
King Uther Pendragon holds a tournament I–II
Early kings of Cornwall and Leonois 1–18 C I.1–221 IIIabα
Mark becomes King of Cornwall 19 C I.222 TrR 1aα
TrP 91aα
IIIbβ VIII.1–2aα
Adventures of King Mel­i­a­dus and Lance­lot and of Fer­ra­gunze V–XI
Birth of Tristan 20 C I.223–39 TrR 2–3aα
TrP 92–93a
XIIa VIII.1–2aα
King Mark murders his broth­er Perneham 21 C I.240–43 TrR 1aβb
TrP 91aβb
Tristan and his step­mother 22 C I.244–56 TrR 2–3aβbα
TrP 92–93bα
XIIbα VIII.2aβ
Tristan’s father is murdered 23 C I.257–58 TrR 3bβ—4
TrP 93bβ
A dwarf prophecies to Mark of Tris­tan’s fu­ture glory. C I.259–60 TrR 39
Tristan and Governal in France. 24–26 C I.261–81 TrR 5–11
TrP 94–97
Tristan, on arriv­ing in Corn­wall, learns that the princess of France is dead for love of him. 27 C I.282–84 TrR 12–14aα
TrP 98a
XVIbα VIII.5aβ (Happens later when Tristan goes to Cornwall to fight the Morholt.
Tristan is brought up in Cornwall in King Mark’s court, his identity unknown 28aα C I.285–86 TrR 14aβ–15aα
TrP 98aβ
XVIbβ VIII.3aβb (Tristan is brought up in Leonois by his father, who in this version is still alive.)

Early Adventures of TristanEdit

Early Adventures of Tristan
  L PT TrR, TrP TaR Mal.
The Morholt, at the begin­ning of May, de­mands trib­ute. Tris­tan is knight­ed, re­veals his iden­tity­, and slays the Mor­holt in sin­gle com­bat. 28aβb C. I.287–304 TrR 15b–19aα
TrP 98b–100
Tristan wounded with a poi­soned spear has him­self set in a boat in the sea. He ar­rives in Ireland, hides his name, and is healed by Yseult. He learns that the castle of the Dol­or­ous Gard has been con­quered by an un­known knight. 29 C I.305–15 TrR 19aβ–25
TrP 101
XIX–XX VIII.8b–9aα
Tristan, incognito, defeats Palamedes in a tour­na­ment. He knights Hebes. 30–32 C I.222–47 TrR 26–37aα
TrP 102–107a
Tristan slays a giant ser­pent. (This ep­i­sode found only in MS. 103 and in Re­nais­sance print­ed ed­i­tions.) 32 note 2 Bé 332b–35aα
Tristan’s identity is dis­cov­ered but the Irish king al­lows him to leave free­ly but for­bids him to ever return. 33 C I 348–55 TrR 37aβ–38
TrP 107b–08
XXIII–XXIV (On his journey back Tristan avenges his father.) VIII.11–13aα
Tristan defeats Bliobleheris in single combat to free Segurades’ wife. 34 C I 356–94 TrR 40–50
TrP 109–113a
XXV VIII.13aβ–18
King Mark, hating and fearing Tristan, sends Tris­tan to Ireland to get Yseult as Mark’s wife. 35 C I 395–99 TrR 51abα
TrP 113bα
Driven by a storm to Log­res near Ca­me­lot, Tris­tan de­feats Hec­tor of the Fens and Mor­ganor in jousts. The King of Ire­land ar­rives and Tris­tan agrees to fight for him in re­turn for a boon, so obtaining Yseult for Mark. 36 C I 400–10 TrR 51bβ–53aα
TrP 113bβ–116aα
XXVIb–XXVII VIII.19b–20a, 21aβ–22aα
Tristan retrieves a severed shield stolen by Brehus the Merciless. 37 C I 411–17 TrR 53aβ–54
TrP 116aβ–17
Tristan de­feats Bla­nor of Gau­nes in sin­gle com­bat. Tris­tan returns to Ire­land with its king. 38a C I 418–35 TrR 55–56a
TrP 117–20a
XXX–XXXI VIII.22aβ–23.
Tristan is granted Yseult as a wife for King Mark. Yseult’s mother secretly has a love potion made to assure a happy marrriage. Tris­tan and Yseult set sail. 38b C I 436–44 TrR 56b–57aα
TrP 120b–21aα

Early Adventures of Tristan and YseultEdit

Early Adventures of Tristan and Yseult
  L PT TrR, TrP TaR Mal.
By mischance Tris­tan and Yseult to­gether drink the love po­tion. They begin their life­long love af­fair. 39 C II 445–49 TrR 57aβbα
TrP 121aα
Tristan and Yseult at the Cas­tle of Mourn­ing. 40–41 C II 450–82 TrR 57bβ–65
TrP 121aβ–26
XXXV–XLaα VIII.24bβ–28.
Marriage of Mark and Yseult. 42 C II 483–86 TrR 66
TrP 127aα
XLaβb VIII.29aα
Brangain is almost slain through Yseult but saved by Pal­a­medes, who ob­tains a rash boon which allows him to ab­duct Yseult free­ly. Tris­tan event­u­al­ly frees Yseult. 43–44 C II 487–513 TrR 67–74
TrP 127aβ–130
The love of Tristan and Yseult is sus­pect­ed. Tristan is out­lawed but proves such a terror that Mark is forced to make peace. 45–46 C II 514–19 TrR 78–79aα
TrP 134a–35a
XLIVa VIII.32aβb
Tristan is forced by Mark to defeat Lamorat in a joust. La­mo­rat, to avenge him­self, sends a mag­ic drink­ing horn to Tin­ta­gel. 47 C II 520–31 TrR 75aβ–77
TrP 131b–33
XLIIaβb VIII.33–34a
Tristan and Yseult are almost caught in the act, but Tris­tan escapes. 48 C II 532–33 TrR 75aα
TrP 131a
Tristan and Yseult are again almost caught in the act but Tris­tan escapes. 49 C II 534–37 TrR 79aβ
TrP 135bα
Yseult is imprisoned in a tow­er to keep her from Tris­tan. 50 C II 538–39 TrR 79b
TrP 135bβ
Tristan and Yseult are fin­al­ly caught in the act and are con­demned. 51a C II 540–45 TrR 80a
TrP 136aα
XLVaα VIII.34bα
Tristan escapes, frees Yseult, and they flee to the for­est. 51b C II 546–50 TrR 80b–81
TrP 136aβ–37
XLVaβ VIII.34bβ–35aα
Tristan and Yseult in the for­est. 52 C II 551–53 TrR 82–86
TrP 138–40
Mark re­takes Yseult. 53 C II 554–56₃ TrR 87–91
TrP 141–42
Tristan is wounded by a pois­oned arrow. Bran­gain tells him to seek heal­ing from Yseult White-hands, daugh­ter of King How­el of Lit­tle Bri­tain. 54 C II 556₃–59 TrR 92–102
TrP 143–151aα
Tristan is partly healed by Bran­gain. Tris­tan wins a ba­ttle with Lan­ce­lot who for­ces Mark to release Yseult. Lan­ce­lot is found in bed with Guenevere. Lan­ce­lot es­capes and he and his fol­low­ers res­cue the Queen from the stake and take her to Joyous Gard. Tris­tan comes to Lan­ce­lot’s aid and makes peace between Lan­ce­lot and Ar­thur. Tris­tan re­turns to Corn­wall where Mark again locks Yseult in a tow­er. Tris­tan’s arm again b­egins to swell from his pois­oned wound. XLVIIbβ–LIaα
Tristan sets out for Lit­tle Bri­tain 55aα C II 559 TrR 103
TrP 151aα
LIaα VIII.35bβ

Adventures of Tristan and Kehedin, and He of the Ill-Cut CoatEdit

Adventures of Tristan and Kehedin, and He of the Ill-Cut Coat
  L PT TrR, TrP TaR Mal.
Tristan is healed by Yseult White-hands. 55aα C II 560–61 TrR 104–07
TrP 151aα
LIaα VIII.35bβ
Tristan wins King How­el’s war for him. 55aαβb C II 562–66 TrR 108–30
TrP 151aα
LIaβ–LIIa VIII.36a
Tristan marries Yseult White-hands but can­not bring him­self to have sex with her. 56 C II 567–68 TrR 131–37
TrP 151aα
LIIb VIII.36bα
Yseult the Blonde learns that Tris­tan has mar­ried Yseult White-hands and writes to Queen Guen­e­evere. 57 C II 569–73 TrR 138–41 LIII.abα VIII.37aβ
Tristan admits to his brother-in-law Ke­­h­edin that he loves Yseult the Blonde. Ke­­he­din supports him and ur­ges Tris­tan to ab­duct her from Mark. 58 C II 574 TrR 142
Tristan learns that Lan­ce­lot hates him and knows that it is be­cause he seems to have aban­doned Yseult the Blonde. 59 C II 575–79 VIII.36bβ–37aα
Yseult the Blonde is con­soled by Guen­e­vere’s answer to her let­ter. 60 C II 580–82 VIII.37aβ
Adventures of Lam­o­rat, Tris­tan, Ke­he­din, and Se­gu­ra­des in the Vale of Servage. 61–63 C II 583–616 TrP 151aβb–55 VIII.37b–39
Adventures of La­mo­rat on his return to court. 64–65 C II 617–35 TrP 121aα VIII.40–41
Beginning of the ad­ven­tures of the Boy with the Ill-Cut Coat 66–71aα C II 636–73, III 674–683₂₂ IX.1–4
Greatly dif­fer­ing ver­sions of some ad­ven­tures of the Boy with the Ill-Cut Coat 71aβ–74aα C III 683₂₃–85 TrP 172–77 IX.5aα
The Boy of the Ill-Cut Coat is im­pri­soned. 87–90 C III 686–92 IX.5aβ
Tristan meets Bran­gain and he and Ke­he­din set out for Corn­wall. 71 a_α C III 777–80 TrR 143–49
TrP 156–57aα
LIIIbβ–LIV IX.10aα
Adventures in the for­est of Dar­nantes. 71 a_β– 75 a_α C III 781–828₂₂ TrR 149–218 LV–LXIIIaα IX.10aβ–17aα
Tristan ar­rives in Corn­wall and re­news his ac­quain­tance with Yseult. Ke­he­din falls hope­less­ly in love with Yseult. 75 a_aβb, 75 C III 828₂₃–38 TrP 156–57aβ LXIIIaβ, lLXVIIIabα IX.17aα
Insertions from ThomasTris­tan: Go­ver­nal is made King of Leon­ois, blood in the bed, am­big­u­ous oath, Lit­tle Creü. LXIIIbβ–LXVII
Yseult, in a letter, tries to let Ke­he­din down gently, but Tri­stan reads the letter, thinks that Yseult is tru­ly in love with Ke­he­din, and flees the court on the verge of in­san­i­ty. 76–77 C III 839–51 TrP 157b–58a LXVIIIb–LXXa IX.17aβ–18a
Tris­tan meets Fe­rgus and a mes­sen­ger dam­sel. The dam­sel goes to Log­res to get Pa­la­me­des. 77 a – 78 a, 78–81 C III 852–75 TrP 158b IX.18bα
Bran­gain, Fer­gus, Pa­la­me­des, and the mes­sen­ger dam­sel search for Tris­tan. 82–84 C III 876–96 TrP 159 IX.19aβ
Departure of Ke­he­din. 85 C III 897–917 TrP 170–71 IX.19aβ
Mark returns to court. False news comes that Tristan is dead. 86 C III 918–28 TrP 160–61 IX.20aα
Yseult tries to kill he­rself but is pre­vent­ed. 91abα C III 929–33₁₇ TrP 162–64 IX.20aβ
Yseult is somewhat cheered by ac­counts that Tris­tan is alive. 91bβ C III 933₁₈–40 TrP 167–69
The end of the ad­ven­tures of Lan­ce­lot and He of the Ill-Cut Coat 92–94 V.II I.1–75
C III 710–76
The fin­al deeds and death of Ke­he­din. 95–100 V.II I.76–167

Tristan’s MadnessEdit

Tristan’s Madness
  L PT TrP TaR Mal.
Tristan b­egins to dwell with shep­herds. 101aα V.II I.168 165aα LXXbα IX.18bβ
Tristan kills some lions. 165aβ LXXbβ
Tristan slays a foe of the five knights who are lords of the shep­herds. Tristan saves La­mo­rat from Ga­wain. 165aβ–66
Tristan de­feats Daguenet. Da­gue­net tells King Mark. 101aβb–102 V.II I.169–76 IX.19aα–b
Tristan kills Taulas the giant. 103 V.II I.177–82 IX.20b–21aα
Mark finds Tristan, does not re­cog­nize him, but takes him back to Tintagel. 104abα V.II I.183–87 LXXIa IX.21aβ
Tristan is re­cog­nized by his dog and then healed by Yseult with Mark’s per­mis­sion. 104bβ V.II I 188–89 LXXIb–LXXII IX.21bα-22aα

Tristan’s Adventures in Logres Where V.I and V.II are IdenticalEdit

Tristan’s Adventures in Logres Where V.I and V.II are Identical
  L PT TaR Mal.
Tristan, when healed, is ex­iled from Corn­wall. 105 V.II II.1–8 LXXIIIaα IX.22aβb
Tristan sends a message to Yseult and learns that his comp­anion is Dinadan. 106 V.II II.9–15
Adventures of Tristan and Dinadan not told elsewhere. LXXIIIaβ–LXXVI
In a single day Tris­tan defeats Bohort, Bliobleheris, and Driant in jousts, bat­tles thir­ty knights set in an am­bush against Lan­ce­lot aid­ed only by Di­na­dan, de­feats two hosts in a joust, and then fights Pa­la­me­des to a draw. The fol­low­ing day Tris­tan de­feats anoth­er host. Di­na­dan de­parts from him. 107–13 V.II II.16–66 IX.23–25aα
Announcement of the tournament of the Castle of Maidens near London in ten days. Tristan defeats Kay and Sagremor in jousts. Morgain’s knights will not fight Tristan. 114–16 V.II II.67–78 IX.25aβ–26a
Yseult’s damsel searches for Tristan and eventually finds him 117–18 V.II II.79–95 IX.26b–27aα
Tristan meets Persides 119–22aα V.II II.96–108₂₀ IX.27aβbα
Deeds of Lancelot 122aβ–24 V.II II.108₂₁–18 IX.27bβ–29
Tournament of the Castle of Maidens 125–43 V.II II.119–91 IX.30–35aα
Palamedes’ sorrow 144–49 V.II II.192–205 IX.35bβ–36a
Beginning of the quest for Tristan 150–55 V.II II.206–15 IX.35aβ, 36aβ
Lancelot and ten knights depart on the quest. 156–58 V.II III.1–4 IX.36aβ
Adventures of Lan­ce­lot and the Dam­sel of Corn­wall. 159–61 V.II III.5–19 IX.36b
Adventures of Lucan and Yvain the Tall. 162–64 V.II III.20–39 IX.37a
Daras dis­cov­ers that Tris­tan has slain his sons and im­pris­ons him with Di­na­dan and Pa­la­me­des. 165–66 V.II III.40–45 IX.37bα
Adventures of Gaheriet, Yvain White-hands, and Kay. Dinas loses his lady-love but keeps his dogs. 167–80 V.II III.46–149 IX.38–40aα
Tristan becomes ill. Daras takes Tristan from prison to heal him, then allows Tris­tan, Di­na­dan and Pa­la­me­des to go free. 181–83 V.II III.150–57 IX.37bβ,40aβb

Further Adventures of Tristan in LogresEdit

Further Adventures of Tristan in Logres
  L PT V.I PT V.II TaR Mal.
Dinadan battles with Bre­hus the Mer­ci­less 183, note 2;
184 a
III.158–64 IX.41aα
Tristan saves a wound­ed knight from Ga­wain. Tris­tan badly wounds Anx­i­lies, perhaps mortally, and kills Anx­i­lies’ broth­er. 184 I.I.1–17₁₄ III.165

The text says that here many ad­ven­tures are omit­ted, in­clud­ing Tris­tan’s res­cue of La­mo­rat.
Tristan promises an unnamed boon to a damsel. He learns later, in the castle of Osenain, that the damsel wishes to be beheaded by Tristan rather than by her enemies. Tristan instead fights his way to freedom with her. Osenain and Dinadan promise to get her head. 185 I.I.17₁₄-30 LXXVIIabα
Tristan defeats Mador of the Gate who is insulting knights of Corn­wall. 186aα I.I.31–32
Tristan defeats both Ose­nain and Di­na­dan who seek to be­head the dam­sel. 186aβ I.I.33–37₆ LXXVIIbβ
A boy tells Tristan of the forth­com­ing Tour­n­ament of the Hard Rock. 186b I.I.37₆₋₄₉ LXXVIIIaα
Tristan rescues La­mo­rat from a cas­tle where Tris­tan’s dam­sel is slain. 187–88 I.I.37₄₉-57 LXXVIIIaβb–LXXIXa
Tristan and Lamorat meet Brun (He of the Ill-Cut Coat). They find a lance and sword by which the son will kill the fa­ther, and the fa­ther will kill the son, and the King­dom of Log­res will come to an end. Only the best knight in the world may take those wea­pons. None of the three will at­tempt it. The three knights sep­ar­ate. 189 I.I.58–65₂₉ LXXIXb
Tristan is a guest of Mor­gain the Fay. She frees him on con­di­tion that he car­ry a shield designed to reveal the love afffair of Lancelot and Guenevere in the Tour­na­ment of the Hard Rock. 190 I.I.65₃₀-71 III.165-77 LXXXabα IX.42aβbα
Tristan kills Mor­gain’s lov­er Hu­ne­son with his lance. Mor­gain pro­phe­sies that the lance will bring about Tris­tan’s death. 191a I.I.172-74 III.178-82 LXXXbβ IX.42bβ-43aα
Tristan dis­cus­ses the prow­ess of dif­fer­ent knights with his host. 191bα I.II.1 III.183-84 IX.43aβb
Tristan gives his lance to Mor­gain’s dam­sel. 191bβ I.II.2–3a III.185-86
Tristan defeats Bur­let­ta of the Wil­der­ness in sin­gle com­bat. LXXXI
The tournament of the Hard Rock. 192
192 a
I.II.3b-25 III.187-97 LXXXII IX.44–X.1a
Tristan defeats Gawain in single combat. 193 I.III III.198
The text claims to here have omit­ted adven­tures. Tris­tan seeks for Lan­ce­lot.
Tristan forgives Au­gust his ill-will. The story be­comes known. 194 I.IV
Tristan rescues Pa­la­me­des and they make an ap­point­ment to fight one ano­ther. 195–96 MS. fr. 757 here jumps to Tris­tan’s bat­tle with Lan­ce­lot (be­low). Ma­ter­ial sim­i­lar or iden­ti­cal to that in V.II has been omit­ted. III.199–211 CXIIIa X.1b–2a
A knight with a red covering on his shield defeats in a joust both Tris­tan and Pa­la­me­des. Tris­tan fol­lows him. 197–202 III.212–47 X.2b–5aα
Tristan unwittingly bat­tles Lan­ce­lot at Mer­lin’s Block. They re­cog­nize each oth­er and Tris­tan agrees to go with Lan­ce­lot to court 203 I.V.1-3₅₅ III.248-65₅ CXIIIb X.5aβbα
Lancelot brings Tris­tan to the gates of Ca­me­lot. 204 I.V.3₅₆₋₁₀₉ III.265₅–66 X.5bβ–6aα
Arthur and his knights wel­come Tris­tan. Ar­thur per­suades him to dwell in his court. 205 I.V.4₁₋₉₈ III.267–70 X.6aβbα
Tristan is made Knight of the Round Table in the seat for­mer­ly oc­cu­pied by the Mor­holt. 206 I.V.4₉₉₋₁₄₆ III.271-75. X.6bβ
Lasancis defeats all the Knights of the Round Ta­ble through an en­chant­ed lance, and would have slain them, but Guen­e­vere ob­tains Tris­tan to fight and Tris­tan slays La­san­cis. LXXXVI

King Mark’s Cowardice and TreacheryEdit

King Mark’s Cowardice and Treachery








King Mark learns by a mes­sen­ger that Tris­tan is much loved by Ar­thur and his knights. Mark decides to go to Logres in secret to kill Tris­tan.

207, p. 149 note 5




Mark makes Andred his regent and sets out with two knights, Ber­tho­lois and Armant. Mark kills Ber­tho­lois when Bertholoi objects to Mark’s plan to kill Tristan. Ar­mant challenges Mark to sin­gle com­bat in Ar­thur’s court in six days time.





Comic adventures of Mark in Logres.




Armant arranges the duel.



Mark kills Armant in the duel, orders the dam­sels to be burned, then flees. Lan­ce­lot fol­lows af­ter and takes Mark cap­tive





The two damsels are rescued.




King Mark recognizes that he is King Ar­thur’s pris­on­er and names him­self. Mark agrees to pardon Tris­tan.





Mostly about Dinadan, Palamedes, and Lamorat.




Tris­tan and Mark de­part by ship for Conwall.

252 a





Adventures of Tristan on the Island of the Two Brothers.



Tristan returns to Cornwall, and to Yseult.




Tristan and Yseult trick Mark when Mark hides in a tree.





Further Charts for Tristan and YseultEdit

Charts for later details in the lives of Tristan and Yseult and Arthur as told in the prose romances appear in:

Post-Vulgate (charts)
Quest of the Holy Grail (charts)
Death of Arthur (charts)

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