The Rescue (la rescouse), in the Vulgate Merlin (390/17), is a small stonghold near to the city of Garlot.

Blasine, the Queen of Garlot, takes counsel with her seneschal, for she fears an army of marauding Saxons who are returning to Clarence with their plunder and are passing near Garlot. As translated by Rupert T. Pickens:

It was the seneschal’s advice that the two of them alone should steal out of the city at night through a hidden gate that opened toward the river, and they would go to one of their nearby strongholds which was six leagues away; it was called The Rescue, because Vortigern had been rescued there when Hengist the Saxon was run down and killed in the same place.

Vortigern is normally said to have died before Hengist and no such rescue of Vortigern appears in any other extant account of Hengist’s death.

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