Pope Romain is a Pope unknown to history who appears in Wace’s Roman de Brut and Lawman’s Brut as the Pope who sent St. Germanus of Auxerre on his first journey to Britain.

Lawman records that it was after Vortimer sent letters to Romain that Romain sent Germanus and Lupus of Troyes out from Rome and that the two saints returned to Rome and reported to Romain how they had successfully restored Christianity in Britain.

Historically, the Bishop of Rome at that time was St. Celestine I (422–432) and one might imagine that this is who is meant, the supposed name being a title referring to Celestine’s position as Bishop of Rome. But the Life of St. Germanus claims that Germanus was sent on his journey by other bishops of Gaul.

Some Name VariationsEdit

FRENCH: Romain; ENGLISH: Romæin, Roumain, Romayn, Romain.

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