Sanddef Angel-face (Sande Pryt Angel, Sanddef Bryd Angel, Sanddef Angel’s Form) is one of three survivors of the Battle of Camlann given in the Arthurian court list in Culhwch and Olwen (as translated by Gwyn Jones and Thomas Jones [1989, p. 103]):

... and Sandde Angel-face (no-one placed his spear in him at Camlann, so exceeding fair was he; all thought he was an angel helping), ...

The early Welsh scholar Evan Evans in a copy of the 17th-century Peniarth 185 manuscript, now known as Panton MS 13, claims there were seven survivors of the Battle of Camlann: Sandde Angel-face, Morfran son of Tegid, St. Cynfelyn, St. Cedwyn, St. Pedrog, Derfel Gadarn, and Geneid Hir.

One of the Twenty-four Knights of Arthur’s CourtEdit

Sanddef Angel-face is listed in the 15th century list of the Twenty-four knights of Arthur’s court in a triad along with Morvran son of Tegid and Glewlwyd Mighty-grasp as one of the Three Irresistible Knights, Sanddef’s beauty making it repugnant to any to refuse him anything.

Son of Llywarch HenEdit

The name Sandde(f) is also given to a son of Llywarch Hen in list of Llywarch’s sons. In one version of this list the son of Llywarch has the surname Angel-face, probably a case of confusing the two characters. See Meyrick (1846, Vol. I, pp xx); BBCS III, (p. 37).

Comparison to the Handsome CowardEdit

In the continental Arthurian romances, the Handsome Coward is a Knight of the Round Table, occasionally mentioned. The Handsome Coward appears immediately before the Ugly Brave in the list of knights in Chrétien de Troyes’ Erec et Enide, which is reminiscent of the close connection of Morfan with Sanddef Angel-face in some Welsh texts.

It is possible that the pairing of the ugly knight with the handsome knight in both traditions as of common origin. Or it might have arisen in both traditions without any relationship between them as the contrast in type calls for comparison.

Some Name VariationsEdit

WELSH: Sande Pryt Agel, Sanddef Bryt Angel.

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