Silchester is where King Constantine and King Arthur were crowned according to Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae. The reference would be to the adjoining Roman site of Calleva Atrebatum, which was totally abandoned at the end of the Roman period.

Wace, in his Roman de Brut, in respect to both Constantine and Arthur, makes the location to be Cirencester. Lawman, in his Brut, has both crowned at Silchester.

Wace includes in his list of barons at Arthur’s court at Caerleon a certain Balien or Balduf of Silchester not found in Geoffrey’s list. The Cotton Caligula manuscript of Lawman renders him as “Balien of Silechæstre” while the Cotton Otho manuscript gives “Balien of Cirecestre”.

Some Name VariationsEdit

LATIN: Silcestria, Calleva Atrebatum; FRENCH: Silsestre; ENGLISH Selechæstre, Silechæstre.

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