Sonic and the black knight

Sonic and the Black Knight is a video game for the Wii that features Sonic the Hedgehog as the main hero. This game contains many Arthurian references. It even includes the Knights of the Round Table. The game also includes some familiar characters which take the place of some Arthurian characters. Characters such as: Knuckles (Sir Gawain), Shadow (Sir Lancelot), and Blaze (Sir Percival) make an appearance. Also Tails takes the role of a local blacksmith. Amy, Sonic's girlfriend, takes the role of Nimue, Lady of the Lake.

The sword that Sonic wields to fight the Black Knight is called Caliburn. Caliburn in this game can talk and has a mind of its own. It is Caliburn that chooses the next king and wielder of the sword. In this game, Excalibur also exists as a separate sword . The scabbard in this game was portrayed as being the source of evil. From it, King Arthur was corrupted by its power and became the Black Knight. Later on, Merlina, grand-daughter to Merlin, takes the scabbard and become the Dark Queen. It is not certain that the scabbard is evil or good. But what is true about the scabbard is that it can corrupt the minds of people who use or want its power.

Sonic and the Black Knight - HD - Part 1 - Opening - Misty Lake 0109:21

Sonic and the Black Knight - HD - Part 1 - Opening - Misty Lake 01


Characters Edit

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