King Thailais is mentioned only in a single passage in the “Galehaut” section of the Prose Lancelot as the head of Uther Pendragon’s lineage. Paragraph 468 reads, as translated by Carleton W. Carroll in “Lancelot, Part II”, in Norris J. Lacy’s Lancelot-Grail, Volume II:

And the two [Lancelot and Lionel] plunged in where they saw the thickest crowd of Saxons, and they began to cry loudly “Clarence!” This was King Arthur’s battlecry. Clarence was a very fine city adjacent to the kingdom of South Wales, which had belonged to King Thailais, the grandfather of Uther Pendragon and the head of King Arthur’s line.
For variant versions of Uther Pendragon’s ancestry, see Constantine (King of Britain), Mazadân, and Londres (king).

Some Name VariationsEdit

FRENCH: Thailais, Talais, Taulus.

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