The Adventures of Sir Galahad is a movie serial released by Columbia Pictures.

In this version, a young Galahad, (played by the future TV Superman, George Reeves) trying to emulate his father Sir Lancelot, wants fervently to be admitted to the Knights of the Round Table. When he defeats Sir Bors and Sir Mordred in tournament, King Arthur agrees to knighthood if he can guard the sword Excalibur for one night. Unfortunately, during that night the sword is stolen by a mysterious personage known only as the Black Knight.

Possession of Excalibur makes the holder invincible and without Arthur 's kingship is endangered, then Galahad is refused knighthood until the sword is found. Galahad, aided by comedic Sir Bors, is hindered in his quest by Ulric, the Saxon King, who invades England, and by the antagonistic Merlin the magician. Galahad suspects that the Black Knight is a traitor within Camelot who seeks the throne in alliance with the Saxons, while an unusually helpful Morgan le Fay, Arthur's half sister and also a magician, helps him fight both Merlin's magic and the Saxons.

Chapter titles

   The Stolen Sword
   Galahad's Daring
   Prisoners of Ulric
   Attack on Camelot
   Galahad to the Rescue
   Passage of Peril
   Unknown Betrayer
   Perilous Adventure
   Treacherous Magic
   The Sorceror's Spell
   Valley of No Return
   Castle Perilous
   The Wizard's Revenge
   Quest for the Queen
   Galahad's Triumph


Adventures of Sir Galahad 15 Chapter Cliffhanger Serial - CHAPTER ONE08:06

Adventures of Sir Galahad 15 Chapter Cliffhanger Serial - CHAPTER ONE


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