The Table Round is an ongoing, full cast audio dramatisation of the Legends of King Arthur. It began podcasting in February 2014.

The story begins with a young King Arthur battling rebel kings immediately after he first drew the sword from the stone.

Primary CreditsEdit
  • Morgan Z. Sowell, head writer
  • Chandler Walpole as King Arthur
  • Blair Palmerlee as Merlin -Audioverse Award Best Supporting Actor
  • Joshua Lane Kibbey as Lancelot
  • Thomas McCutchen as Kay
  • Olivia Steele as Anna Morgause


  1. "The First War That Arthur Had, and How He Won The Field"
  2. "How Arthur Rode to the Rescue of Leodegrance and the Gaining of Excalibur"
  3. "How Gawain was Knighted and Lancelot Rode Out"
  4. "Of the War with the Saxons and How Arthur met Lancelot"
  5. "Of the Duel Between Arthur and Osmond"
  6. "Badon Hill"
  7. "Tales of Knight Errantry"
  8. "Of the Journey to the King's Wedding"
  9. "The Marriage of Arthur and Guinevere"
  10. "Of the Tale of the Christmas Cherries"
  11. "What Became of the Pursuit of the White Hart"
  12. "Of the Questing Beast"
  13. "The Knight With Two Swords"
  14. "How Sir Balan Came to Camelot and the Bridge of Ill-Custom"
  15. "Dolorous Stroke"
  16. "Sir Tristan battles The Morholt"
  17. "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"
  18. "Culhwch and Olwen"
  19. "The Green Chapel"
  20. "The Lady of Shallot"
  21. "How King Pellinore Pursued the Questing Beast"

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