The Warlord Chronicles – an Arthurian book trilogy by Bernard Cornwell

The Warlord Chronicles is an Arthurian fiction trilogy written by author, Bernard Cornwell. These three books are his re-creation of Arthurian Britain – a time when the native Britons were being raided by Anglo-Saxons from the east and from the Irish in the West. Also a period of internal power struggles among the many kings and problematic struggle between the newly established Christianity and the ancient Druidic religion.

The three novels in the series are:

The Winter King;

Enemy of God; and


These books are perhaps the most realistic novelisation of a Dark Age Arthur. They are narrated from the viewpoint of an aged Christian monk, Derfel Cadarn (or Gadarn), who reputedly fought alongside Arthur (and survived) at the Battle of Camlann.

For Bernard Cornwell’s brief biography, go to Bernard Cornwell. . For more information, please go to Wikipedia – Bernard Cornwell.

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